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Picnic Baskets for Easter

     Hey everyone!

     Easter is coming up so I thought I’d share with you some things I’ve been crafting for it. These aren’t particularly Easter crafts, I just happen to have made them at this time of year.

     First up, a picnic basket:

     Isn’t it just adorable? I think it is super cute. I spotted this craft being made by Crafty Caroline over on YouTube and had to try it out. Check out the video here. It looked like it would be a really complicated make at first but it’s really not. It’s essentially just a standard box with a lid but you happen to score and cut parts of the lid of the box so that either side of the picnic basket can open up. Okay, that probably doesn’t help with the making it seem easy – probably best to just check the video out!

     The picnic basket uses two sheets of card stock . Thankfully I did have two shades of blue that looked nice together and I had just recently bought a paper pack with this blue paper in it which matched perfectly!

     You need brads to attach the handles and the only brads I happen to have are these copper ones but I don’t think they look too ridiculous against the blue.

      It’s hard to tell from the picture but the basket is also pretty darn roomy so you can fit a lot in (like a lot of chocolate…).

     I enjoyed making the first basket so much that I ended up making a second, this time with a teal colour and silver glitter paper:

     It’s a great craft to be able to make because you can really suit it to any occasion depending on the colours and styles of paper you use!

     Those were the two main Easter boxes I made but there is one more, just a small little one:

     This is another cute little craft I learned how to make from watching Crafty Caroline’s videos (see here). It was a pretty quick make and only uses a 6×6 inch piece of paper so pretty handy!

     Well, hope you enjoyed this post and have gotten some ideas for interesting ways to give your Easter chocolate!


19 thoughts on “Picnic Baskets for Easter

    1. Thanks! Haha, I do love that blue daisy pattern. It came in an A5 paper pack but there was only one sheet of each design so I sadly don’t have any more of it! Oh well, better to use it than hoard it!

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  1. They are beautiful! I think I will definitely have to try to give it a go. I have been trying to think of something to make to put little goodies for the kiddos on the block that my children play with. These are too cute not to try. Thanks for the idea. I never would have found that youtube channel!

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