Moleskine Monthly View for March

     Okay, so last month I mentioned that I was moving my monthly spread out of my A5 Paperchase Planner and into my new Moleskine journal. Well, here it is:

     Isn’t she pretty? It comes off a bit more blue in photos but I’d describe the colour as I see it in person as sage green. I love it! I was torn between what colour to get. It was a toss-up between this one and a lemon yellow colour one but in the end, Sage won.

     Yup, I am naming my journal planner Sage – so I have Geo (my personal Filofax), Paperchase (my A5 planner) and Sage! (For some reason I haven’t felt the need to name my address pocket planner or my snail mail took kit planner).

     So, I got this journal and really hadn’t planned it at all. Actually, it was February 28th, I still hadn’t made my March inserts and I was frustrated by my printer messing up when I tried to print some grid paper. Sitting at my desk, I decided in that moment that I needed a new notebook.

     So off to the shops it was!

     Good thing the shop I needed in question was nearby and I happened to have some money on me.

     I didn’t have too much time really to fill out my March pages as I did want to have them done before March started, so that left me a few hours! I decided to get the blank page Moleskine journal rather than the square paper or dotted paper so that I could play a bit more with layouts (also, they didn’t really have nice colours in those paper options), but without much time to plan out different layouts, I just decided to copy what I had used last month in my A5 planner.

     As usual, I started with my title page for the month. I did though pick up a calligraphy marker pen while I was at the shops and tested it out here – it does make it look so much fancier than normal!

      Making the layout with my pencil and ruler before going over everything again with a grey pen was a little time-consuming. I might have to learn to love uneven lines and spacing just to make my life easier when it comes to future months of my journal!

     So on these pages I have my events and holidays section, things I’m getting up to section, my language tracking section and my exercise tracking. Having the tracking on the same page is really useful as I am actually filling it out.

     My money tracking pages look pretty much the same as always:

     And the final set of pages I have for the month contain my snail mail tracking, lists of things to do, books to read, monthly goals, weight and language scores.

      It’s all very simple but it’s a layout that works for me!

     I do find that without the grid paper I had before, I feel much more comfortable using washi tape to fill in some of the blank spaces I had left around on my pages. Maybe as I work my way through the months and get a feel for Sage, I’ll even start using stickers on my spreads!

      I guess only time will tell how my planning in this Moleskine will evolve.


15 thoughts on “Moleskine Monthly View for March

  1. Thanks for your post a nice reminder to do my planner. How much time do you usually give yourselve to get new ideas for the pages?


    1. I try not to spend too much time on my pages but it is easy to get carried away! It probably takes me a few hours to draw my monthly pages because I start with looking on Pinterest for ideas, then draw my pages in pencil so I don’t make mistakes and then draw them in pen. But I watch TV while I make my pages so that’s why it takes longer 🙂

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    1. Thanks! It can take a while to get a feel for a BuJo, can’t it – so easy to get lost in pinterest searches for inspiration! xD Good thing about it though is you really can do whatever you want with it and start it whenever you want so missing the start of the month isn’t too much of a deal, you just don’t have to draw them in and then there aren’t any empty pages to make you feel guilty xD

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    1. Thanks! Ya, I stayed away from bujoing (well, guess that’s a verb now!) for a while because of how time consuming it can be. I know you can just do very basic bullet journaling, which is how it started out, but I do like a pretty and neat layout so I knew I’d end up trying to making it look perfect and spend way too much time on it! I don’t think I’d be able to decorate a weekly layout but just doing a monthly one isn’t too bad. If anything, it’s just an excuse to Netflix binge for a few hours one once a month while I draw up my pages xD

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Pastel mint shades – one of my absolute favourite colours! The colour does make me feel like I should be outside and journaling…shame the weather hasn’t picked up on the whole spring thing xD

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