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March 2017 – Outgoing Snail Mail

     Hey everyone!

     I have some of my outgoing mail from March to show you today. Unfortunately, I don’t have too much that I actually sent out in March because I was a bit lazy with my snail mail! There’s also one or two things that I sent out but forgot to photograph but mostly, I just got a bit lax with replying to my mail (next month will have loads of outgoing mail though!).

     I did send out some postcards via postcrossing and some letters to pen pals:

     Crafty Caroline had a card swap in March which I did participate in. I had a lot of fun making some cards to send off for it. I actually ended up making two cards to send to her. The first had quite an autumn feel to it and I ended up doing a gatefold style card with a chipboard window.

     The second card was a napkin fold card. A while back I saw a picture of a napkin fold card that Nyx had made and I loved the look so I’ve been busy making quite a few since! Seeing as the first card I made for the swap ended up having an accidental autumn theme, I made an effort to go for a spring feel for this card:

     I used some green watercolour wash patterned papers (I believe the brand is My Favourite Things and this watercolour paper certainly is one of my favourite things!). I then kept things pretty simple with the card although I did use a small butterfly stamp and some Versamark ink on the green paper to try create a tone on tone pattern – it’s very subtle though!

And uh…well, that’s it! I did warn you that I didn’t have too much outgoing mail and few photos! I don’t even have a ton of interesting stamp photos for you to gaze at either! Oh well, not every month can be a winner you know (next month’s post will be though!).


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