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Easter Card Making

     Hey everyone!

     Seeing as it’s Easter, I have a few Easter cards to show you. I don’t really send out Easter cards but my mom sends a few out so these were all made for her.

     I made these just using the decoupage sheets you can pick up in most craft stores. Trying to find nice spring/Easter images without crosses that weren’t more childish bunny images was hard but I eventually found a few and the idea for these cards came about because of the shape of the decoupage images themselves!

     I could have just layered the images on top of each other with foam dots to create the 3D look but I wanted to do something a little bit more fun. I could tell you how I made these cards but that could get a bit long and rambling because each one is different – the measurements depend on the decoupage images you’re using.

     Maybe I could do a separate post on how to make them, and actually take pictures along the way, if anyone is interested!

     Anyway, here’s some more pictures of the cards. If you look at the card from the right angle, the layered images line up and it looks really nice!

     This kind of card works really well with a landscape image because you want the layering elements to be at the bottom of image. The cards end up quite small but they’re just enough for a quick note to say hi! Also, making the cards like this, they’re a really 3D card but they fold relatively flat so that’s nice if you’re posting a card.

     For the next card I made, I decided to keep the oval shape of the image and layered it up as normal but with quite thin foam dots:

     For the first of these last two cards, I wanted to use all the layers of the image but I didn’t want it to be bulky so I actually just laid them flat on top of each other. You might think that there’s not too much of a point in doing that but it actually can be quite effective in getting a 3D look but keeping a card flat!

     For the second of these cards, I decided to make use of the frame element in the decoupage image by cutting a window in the front of the card and having the full image on the inside:

     So those are the Easter cards I made this year. A bit of a quick post but I hope you liked it! Let me know which card is your favourite and if you’d like me to do a how-to post on making some of them. Or even a post on making the most from a single decoupage sheet. I’ll keep an eye out in the craft stores for any decoupage sheets that would be good for either of those topics.


20 thoughts on “Easter Card Making

    1. Thanks! Ooh, yes, you could make some nice Christmas cards in this style! I’ll hopefully be able to make a video tutorial in the next week or two – depends on when I can get some quite time and decent lighting for the camera!

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  1. I love the oval card! How did you make them? They are all so beautiful! I’m fairly new at card making so have never heard of most of these techniques and decoupage sheets. I’d love to see how you made them. They are wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’m hoping that over the next week or two I’ll have the time (and the light!) to record a video on how I made these cards – I feel seeing me make the cards might work better than me rumbling with words because I’m terrible at explaining things xD

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