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Personal Filofax Weekly Planner Pages

     Hey everyone!

     How’s it going? Enjoying your Easter eggs?

     Got two sets of planner pages for you today in lovely bright colours because it is spring now and I do need to coax out some nice weather in any way possible! First up, some pink and gold and orange colours:

     Here are a few close-ups:

      And in typical Emma planner decorating, I decided not to decorate my planner pages to match the holiday. It totally wasn’t because I forgot to buy a set of stickers with an Easter theme and then when I was decorating my pages forgot that it would be Easter so didn’t use anything else I had Easter related like washi tape. I just, uh, decided that I preferred pink tulips instead. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

     So those are my planner pages.

     Actually, I do believe I am in need of restocking my planner sticker collection – starting to run a bit low on sticker kits! If anyone would like to recommend some good sticker shops, preferably based in Europe (because shipping from America to Ireland is ridiculous!), do let me know in the comments!


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