Tracking Misc. Things in my Planner

     This is just a really short post about tracking things in my planner.

     I know, some people might say that I track too many things but I like knowing when and how often I get things done. Sometimes I track things, not to make myself do something but, out of curiosity, like in this fun things tracking section. I started it when I was using my A5 planner and I keep at the end of my monthly section.


     I do enjoy drawing and photography but it’s something that I often forget to do in favour of getting other things done. I’ve told myself that I should try do more art in 2017 but it’s not something I made a goal to do because that would make it feel more like something I had to do. If I don’t get, say, a journal page done one month, I’m not going to kick myself over it but it would be good to know when I did and didn’t do something and at the end of the year, have a quick way of seeing what I likely enjoyed doing more based on how often.

     It took my a while but I eventually transferred it over into my Moleskine planner.

     I have a few random things listed on the other side of the page like ‘play a video game once a month’ too. These aren’t important things to track but I’m in tracking mode and this is my tracking planner so in it goes!

     How do you feel about tracking things in your life? Is it something you do and if so how?


12 thoughts on “Tracking Misc. Things in my Planner

  1. I like to track things to find connections, but I don’t always check in at the end of the week or the month. I’ve always been one to like numbers and statistics, so maybe that’s where I get it. I have started tracking more complex health stuff, though, and my doctor really loves it. 😛

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    1. I bet your doctor does! Knowing how long you’ve had symptoms or how long you’ve been feeling a certain way is so important for doctors in diagnosing but how often can people actually pin point that kind of stuff!

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  2. I track a few things – medical symptoms have been helpful. The doctor always asks “and how long have you had this” and I always think it’s a couple of weeks, but my tracker tells me it’s been months. I’ve tracked what I eat, what I spend, social interactions & mood, all sorts. It’s surprising what you can learn about your own habits!

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    1. It is! There’s so much that you don’t realise about your daily habits until you start tracking! Tracking medical symptoms is very useful, mood as well. I don’t have it in my planner for this month, yet at least, but I’m thinking of adding a mood tracker.


    1. Then the bullet journal is helping! Unfortunately, even with multiple planners I still manage to procrastinate a lot – I can only imagine how bad I would be if I didn’t use planners xD

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