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Dragon Eggs

     Okay, I know I usually reserve Wednesdays for snail mail posts and Fridays for craft posts but I’m switching things up a little this week and it totally has nothing to do with not having my snail mail post written yet…okay that might be the reason. I’m a little out of sorts this last week – between anime binge sessions and video gaming, I kind of forgot to write and schedule blog posts for this week – so much for planning!

     So anyway, time for a crafty post! I have a pretty easy craft to show you today – I made these dragon eggs for Easter but really they’re something you can make all year round to give to anyone in your life whose a fan of dragons and would like their own dragon egg to care for!

     I remembered seeing a video ages ago where someone made these dragon eggs using thumbtacks. I thought it was a pretty cool idea but I just never got around to trying it out. Then, back in early March, I was browsing a craft store, spotted a pack of polystyrene eggs and was reminded of the video. I decided to pick some up, along with a lot of thumbtacks and try it out!

     I have to say, I really underestimated the amount of thumbtacks a dragon egg needs!

     Here you can see the size of the eggs:

     So it easily fits in your hand. Well, here’s where 200 thumbtacks got me:

     That was all I had at the time so another trip to the stores was required and many, many more thumbtacks were bought!

     In terms of making these, they are really simple to make. All you need is a polystyrene egg and thumbtacks. Start with sticking a thumbtack in at the narrow end of the egg and just start working your way around, overlapping the thumbtacks to create that scale look.

     I did say it was easy!

     The not so easy part is trying to photograph a shiny object…
      (Yes, I did run out of silver thumbtacks and had to finish one of them off with gold! The moral of the story is you always need more!)

     I made a  number of these eggs and I sent a few off to pen pals at the start of the month. I hope they all managed to get to their destinations safely – a few found their way to America at least!

     I’d like to work on finding ways to paint the eggs to give them a different look. If anyone has any suggestions on how to paint something like this, let me know!

     Also, now that I think about it, I did send these eggs to people so that sort of counts this post as a snail mail post, right?


39 thoughts on “Dragon Eggs

  1. These are really fun to make! It can be kind of a pain, but if you paint each individual thumbtack before putting it on the egg, you can get a truly beautiful dragon egg. It looks especially amazing if you paint some thumbtacks different colors and vary the painting texture. I like to use nail polish because i already have about a gazillion bottles in my hoard, plus I have a lot of glittery nail polishes. You might have to paint on several coats. What I do, is stick a zillion thumbtacks in a sheet of styrofoam, and go down the line painting them. Wait for them to dry, paint another layer (and again, and again…). This is a great craft to do during Netflix binges (: When you’re done, spray it with a layer of sealant and ta-da!

    Or, the lazy method: Line up a bunch of thumbtacks on a sheet of styrofoam and just spray paint them. 😂

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    1. Haha, I can imagine that method is a bit of a pain but you’d definitely get something very unique! If I’m making an extra special dragon egg I’ll have to try that out, especially as nail polishes are so cheap these days. I imagine having a lot of fun with glitter ones!
      I’ll probably try the spray paint method next time though – I am a bit of a lazy and hurried crafter xD

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    1. I know, right, makes you look at those packs of hundreds of pins a lot differently! (I always did wonder too why someone would need a pack of 500 thumbtacks, now I know xD)

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    1. Well thankfully with the eggs it’s pretty easy to explain – stick thumbtacks into styrofoam egg. Done xD I’ll be sure to take more process pictures though of complicated crafts 🙂

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  2. Yes, definitely count as snail mail. The eggs look very impressive and I bet they feel really good too. As for painting them, maybe alcohol inks if you want to retain the metallic look? Or a spray paint for total uniform coverage?

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  3. Ooooh pretty!!! I’ll have to add this to my “to try” list 🙂
    I had a few off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts for adding colour. (Disclaimer: I haven’t tried all of these, so do give them a go on a small test piece first and see how well they work and if you like the effect.) If you want to keep the shine then you could use alcohol ink (even Copics). For a matte finish then Vintaj paints are designed to work on metal without a primer. If you add a coat of metal primer then you can paint with acrylics though these will need a layer of sealant to protect them from scratches. With the right glue you might even be able to add foil highlights to the scales.

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