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Personal Planner Weekly Spreads (with plan with me video)

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all have a good May Day and enjoying the bank holiday, if it is one in your country.

     I have a couple of personal planner weekly spreads to catch you up on this week so I’ll get through them pretty quickly.

     First up, a very simple sea themed sticker spread from mid-April:

     I decided for once to go light on the stickers and give myself more room for misc. lists. I thought it might make me more productive but it didn’t really. It does look so empty thought! It wasn’t nearly so empty when I filled everything in at least.

     For last week, the last week of April, I decided to go back to floral and spring imagery. I was using up the last of a sticker sheet. I didn’t want to just leave a few stickers on the sheet so I tried to use them all on my weekly spread so it did come out a bit busy!

     It’s quite nice to look at though and the colours do feel cheery, even if I do have a ton of different shades of green in there. I’m not quite at 40 shades of green but I did my best!

     Onto the current week now:

     I think this is the fourth week I’ve gotten from the one set of tulip stickers! It definitely was a good value sticker kit. I’ve used up most of the stickers from it now but there’s still a few header stickers and icons that I could use alongside other kits. Sadly the Etsy seller  (PrettyCraftyStickers) doesn’t do those particular kits anymore. Such a shame!

      Anyway, here’s the quick plan with me video of the spread above:

     So now you’re caught up on my planner spreads.

     I may have some changes coming in my planner world over the next few weeks but I won’t say anything more about that, I just want to tease you!

     I will say though that planner nerds and anyone who wants to get into planning should look forward to when I eventually reach 1000 subscribers here on WordPress. I’m currently at around 950 so it’s getting close!


8 thoughts on “Personal Planner Weekly Spreads (with plan with me video)

    1. Glad you like it! It is good to see planner pages coming together I think. When I first started decorating my planner I’d just see these pictures of gorgeous looking planners and wonder ‘but how did you get it to look like that!’


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