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Incoming Snail Mail – April 2017

     Hey everyone! How’s it going? How’s May kicked off for you?

     It may be May now (see what I did there!), but for me, it’s still time to think of April. As it’s the first Wednesday of the month, you know what that means – it’s time to take a look back at my incoming mail from the month!

     First off, a letter from my pen pal in Italy:

     It got to me just before Easter so the washi tape was much appreciated and I love the paper she used to make the envelope – how cute are all those tea related images? Also, the colours of the stamps go so well with the paper! I think regular readers to my blog all know how much I love matching stamps to envelopes! And you get to see an example of her calligraphy lettering there with the ‘Hello Emma’ – we’re both actually learning that, using the same book nonetheless (well, her’s is in Italian – guess the book we’re using is a popular one if it’s translated into a few different languages).

     Next up, I got an incredibly colourful package arriving for me featuring a snail mail flip book for a swap I did:

     Aren’t all those bright greens and pinks lovely? Perfect for welcoming in the spring. I absolutely love this flip book. It’s so pretty and of course I loved all the goodies that came with it! Actually, I now have this flipbook up on my pin board in my bedroom. Took a bit of moving things around up there as this is a large flipbook but I just loved looking at it so much and it’s so cheery that I had to put it somewhere I could see it!

      And I did actually think that that would be all for my April incoming mail and that this would be a fairly empty post. I had sent out a lot of mail at the very start of the month so I had to give time for people to get and reply to that and seeing as Easter was bang in the middle of the month, I imagined that slowed a lot of mail down. So, as the end of the month was nearing and nothing was coming through the letterbox for me, I was contemplating merging my two monthly mail posts into one.

     But then…

     Just as the month was drawing to a close with only a few days left…

     A this-could-only-be-sent-by-keely envelope appeared out of the blue!

     After over a year of friendship I can instantly pick out a Keely envelope from a pile of mail! Well, I had seen this over on her blog just the day before it arrived through my letterbox but I know if something it sea or space themed, it’s likely from Keely! Also, those stamps are a perfect fit for her!

     Actually, on a different note, it is fun to see the different mail art styles that each of my pen pals has because they’re all so unique. I can usually tell who a letter is from at a quick glance without seeing who sent it based on the style of the envelope. Do I have a unique style? I feel like my style is all over the place though!

     The same day that Keely’s envelope appeared, two other happy pieces of mail also appeared – a lovely postcard from Myra (featuring absolutely gorgeous bird stamps!) and a book that was sent to me to review! A book about writing letters? I’m all up for that! I’m really looking forward to reading it.

     And I would have been happy if that was all the mail I got in April but little did I know that there was one piece left to arrive and it did so just the day after the last bunch of happy mail…

     A surprise mail from Nyx of a happy mail tracker! I absolutely love it! It’s happy mail for happy mail tracking! I know I do have a snail mail tracker in my Moleskine planner but I am definitely going to be using this. My planner tracker is quite simple with just incoming and outgoing dates but this happy mail tracker from Nyx has room for a lot more detail so it will be great for keeping track of the details of things like swaps I do, either via my blog or swap-bot. I don’t do them every month so they can kinda get lost in other lists so it will be handy just listing them all in the one place.

     And so we finally come to the end of my incoming mail from April – it had a slow start but it really picked up towards the end!

     As usual, here are the stamp highlights from all that mail:


14 thoughts on “Incoming Snail Mail – April 2017

  1. I’m so, so late with this… I’m so glad you liked the happy mail book! 🙂 Such colourful mail! That flip book is gorgeous. I sense a new project in my future. ^_^

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