April in my Moleskine Journal

     Welcome to April in my Moleskin journal!

     So April was the second month of using my Moleskine journal as my monthly planner and I have to say, I am really enjoying using it. I quite like that it’s smaller than my A5 planner (which was getting a little chunky) and as a result, it’s a lot easier to hold and bring different places – usually that’s just room to room but it’s nicer that it’s easier to do that!

     For the most part, I kept my pages the same because I’ve found that at this point in my life, this layout seems to work for me and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

     That being said, I did change up the actual monthly view. Usually, I have a vertical grid with long lines (see my March view for that), but I decided to try out a more traditional calendar view. Previously, I’ve had monthly views like this in my personal planner and found that they didn’t really work for me. I tried it out again to see if anything had changed and while I do like how easy it is to quickly glance at it and see what’s going on, I think I’ll switch back to how I had it before for future months.

     But other than the calendar view, everything else is pretty much the same, as I said, and you’ve already seen my snail mail tracking page from when I wrote about it a few weeks ago.

     I got some washi tapes with cat phrases and cute dogs and I used those to decorate the pages simple because I had just gotten them! The red isn’t my favourite colour but the dogs are very cute.

     And my money pages are the same.

     I’m slowly working on being more adventurous with decorating these pages! Maybe in the next few months I’ll start using more stickers on pages other than the calendar!

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