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Outgoing Snail Mail – April 2017

     Hey everyone, how’s it going?

     Hope all my European readers are enjoying the quality entertainment of May that is the Eurovision Song Contest!

     That’s the only thing I can think of that happens in May.

     Well, if that’s not your cup of tea, or you’re not from Europe and have no clue what I’m on about, maybe this outgoing mail post of mine will help make your month memorable. I doubt it, but it’s worth a shot!

     I sent out a lot of mail at the start of April – quite a few letters and packages. I was in a mad rush to use up the stamps I had before the cost went up and to send the packages out before Easter as several were Easter related.

     When it came to the envelopes I sent, I decided to use some of the ones I made from that issue of a World Heritage magazine that I had:

     I now have a box full of envelopes I’ve made so I do feel I should use some of them before I go making any more! I still have a bunch of the colouring book page ones I’ve made so I also decided to send one of them out. I do love the beach envelope. The colours in that picture are so soothing and inviting – making me want to just go on a holiday!

     Unfortunately, as I was using up the dwindling stamp stash I had, I couldn’t really make my stamps match the envelopes. At least I had my cute sloth address label to cheer things up!

     While I did unsubscribe from the La Papierre service at the start of the year in an attempt to save some money (which I have so far completely failed at), I do still have quite a large stash of paper and envelopes from it. I was organising my selection and figured that there was no point in hoarding them away, they are meant to be used after all, so I picked a few out to send around the world:

     Onto the packages I send out now! Here they are:


    Those are what I sent out….

     Okay, while I may be getting quite good at the mail art thing, I think it’s quite clear that my envelope skills do not translate to packages…

     I would call this style the tape-everything-up-so-that-the-box-won’t-fall-apart style. I mean, I didn’t even have boxes to send the things out in so I got my sister to get some boxes from work that shop orders had come in. I’m guessing that my excessive use of tape made the boxes quite tricky to open but hopefully that just made the contents all the more exciting to see!

     Here’s are contents of simple envelope on the right:

     I was sending Emma some things as a thank you for the lovely mail she’d sent me a while back. As you can see, I send her one of the many napkin fold cards I’ve been making of late along with some die-cuts and some stamped images that I coloured and die-cut.

     As for those two mess of boxes – those were the dragon eggs that I sent out!

     The contents of the final package will remain a mystery for now as I might write a blog post about the item I made.

     And that’s my outgoing mail from April. Oh, there was also the flip-book I made for the swap I did but I think I’ll write a separate blog post just for that as there could be quite a few pictures.

     So, look forward to that and enjoy these pictures of stamps in the meantime:


19 thoughts on “Outgoing Snail Mail – April 2017

    1. Although at least the UK makes it to the final – last time Ireland made it out of the semi-finals was when we sent Jedward! xD You’re right though, the perfect excuse for a takeaway in front of the tv. Hmmm, I better start thinking about my junk food session for tomorrow night 😀

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  1. My blog is not about postal mail, but I have been a postal mail enthusiast since my teen years and I have never stopped…I am 46. I still write several pen pals that I began writing in my late teens or early twenties. Of course, pen pals come and go over the years. But I do have several other ones where we have corresponded about 10 -12 years now.
    I have mostly found new pen friends through “friendship books” – FB’s. These are little handmade booklets – just paper stapled in the corner. These are traded among pen pals. When you get it you sign your name, address, and any other details you’d like to share – hobbies, type of pen pals you prefer, etc. Anyways, as the book slowly fills as it is passed from pal to pal – you can see a selection of potential new pen friends. I’m not sure when FB’s began, but through some older pen pal’s memories- they have been swapped since at least the 1950’s.
    I enjoy your posts and glad to see an appreciation for the post continues in a digital age.

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    1. Pen pals do come and go. I’ve only been into it for about two years now and I’ve already lost contact with some people but I hope that in years to come I can be like you and have correspondences lasting 10+ years!
      I’ve not actually heard of friendship books before but they sound really cool – what a great way to find new pen pals who you might not have come across otherwise!

      Liked by 1 person

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