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Decoupage Accordion Fold Card Tutorial

     Hey everyone, how’s it going?

     Remember those Easter cards I made last month, the layered decoupage ones? I mentioned in the post that if anyone was interest in me doing a tutorial on how to make them I’d do it. Well, the response to those cards was quite positive! As I said I’d do a tutorial, I tutorial I have made!

     I figured that trying to write a tutorial would be a huge mess for me because despite having done an English literature degree (getting a 1st class honours degree nonetheless!) and also have done a short TEFL course – explaining things in a clear way is not something I am particularly good at and if you couldn’t tell by now, I do enjoy a good ramble!

     So, with that in mind, a video tutorial seemed the obvious solution.

     Unfortunately, I’m not very good at that either but I persevered through it and managed to piece together a semi coherent tutorial…at least I hope I did…keep in mind that this is my first video tutorial and I’m not good at talking to camera (or in voice overs) so be nice to me!

     Well, if you watched the video, I hope you understood it and that you were able to figure out how I make these cards! Sorry I couldn’t be more precise in terms of measurements but it really does all depend on the size and parts of the image you’re using. Once you get the hang of it though, it is really quick and easy to make these. I think my total record time for the video was 20 minutes and that’s because I was going slowly, trying to making sure I showed everything on camera. Really, you could make one of these in way less than 15 minutes!

     If you did find this video useful, let me know and if you make a card similar to these, definitely share it – I love to see what people make!


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