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Canvas Art

     Just a quick post today with some canvas art for you!

     Well, I’m calling it canvas art because it’s on a canvas.

     This is something I sorta just threw together. I had plans to do something with the canvas because I had it and wasn’t doing anything with it. I can’t paint though so I wasn’t going to waste a good canvas on that! I decided to print some pictures out, stick them on it and then decorate it using a set of die-cuts that I had.

     The decorating part is where I just threw it all together. I know some people when doing a craft like this would place things down without any glue and take a picture to make sure they have everything where they like it – that’s not me. I just steamroll my way through it, sticking things down and then figuring out what to do from there!

     It’s not always the best solution but at least it didn’t go horribly wrong this time!

     I may have gone a little overboard with the amount of die-cut images I used but once I put something on one side, I’d realise I needed to balance it out on the other so I just kept adding more.

     I do really like this set of die-cuts I got. I love how the light reflects off of the gold.

     Doing something like this is pretty quick and easy to do but I think the result can be great. It makes a nice change to just having a photo in a frame and can make a special photo really pop! What do you think?

     Oh yes, the pictures are of my grandparents. I was organising some folders of photos on my laptop and came across a nice photo of my granddad (who died about 10 years ago) and thought it would be nice to do something that I could give to my grandmother.

     On a side note, it feels strange for me to refer to my grandparents by saying grandmother and grandfather because I’ve always just called them by their names, Betty and Joe, is that weird?


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