New Personal Filofax Domino Soft

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     I have a bit of news to share with you. Last month, I may have had a moment of weakness and…purchased a new planner…

     What do you need a new planner for, I hear you ask.

     Well, I don’t. I have no excuses for this one, I just kept seeing pictures of planners and since I’ve had Geo for about a year now, I started getting a little restless!

     I do love Geo but I kept seeing this pale blue Domino Soft organiser and the colour was just so pretty!

     What pushed me over the line was the 20% off sale that Paperchase had last month for World Stationery Day meaning it was about €7.50 cheaper than normal, making it around €29 rather than €37.

     A moment of weakness combined with a timely sale on an occasion where I happened to have money in my account for once…

    But isn’t Dom just lovely?

    Yes, this planner is called Dom.


8 thoughts on “New Personal Filofax Domino Soft

    1. Dom appreciates the welcome and I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty of him on the blog xD Ooh, guess, I’ll have to do a new planner tour seeing as I have a new planner now…

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