KatieElisabethPlans Planner Sticker Review

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well and that your May has gone a lot better than mine has! (It’s not that mine has been particularly bad, just very unproductive because I’ve been sick for half the month).

     As is typical for a Monday, I have some planner spreads to show you but I’m also going to do a little bit of a review as I got some new planner stickers recently!

     I was running low-ish on planner stickers for spreads so I took a trip to Etsy to buy some more. I was going to buy from the same shop I always buy from which is based in Dublin (I like to support the Irish shops when I can, plus the shipping is cheaper and faster!) but I decided to look around Etsy first and came across a shop from Cork that sells planner stickers – even better (nothing against Dublin but as a Cork born girl, I have to say that Cork is just a better city)!

     So, the shop in question is KatieElisabethPlans on Etsy and here are the stickers I decided to buy:

     I bought one full kit (Book Lovers Full Vertical Kit for €14.50), one sheet of functional stickers (Sail Away Individual Sheets for €2.75) and two icon sheets (Cute Cats and Reading – Rosie & Friends for €2.95 each).

     The stickers came really quickly, like, bought on a Sunday, posted on a Tuesday, arrived on a Wednesday quick (gotta love An Post’s next day delivery within Ireland!) so I’ve already been able to use these stickers in  few spreads despite only buying them two weeks ago which has been great because how could I not want to use them, they’re so pretty!

     So, I bought the full kit of the book lovers spread because I like the pastel blues and pinks in it and also, I am a book lover! The full kit costs €14.50 and comes with six sheets of stickers and one large image. Almost €15 for one set of stickers might seem like a lot to some people but I don’t mind paying that much for a sticker kit I really like because for me, these kits really do last a long time and I get a lot of spreads out of them (I might do a post on that in the future on how many spreads I’ve gotten from a single kit…).

     Anyway, here’s the spread I decorated using some of this kit:

     I do love this spread. All the stickers used here bar the laptop sticker on the Friday and the lazy day sticker on the Sunday are from KatieElisabethPlans. I also love the little thank you sample sheet of stickers she sends which is where this coffee cup and girl and the tv sticker came from. The large decorative sticker was quite useful for filling in the notes section and it fit nicely – I only had to cut off a thing strip at the bottom to make it fit into my planner because these stickers obviously aren’t designed for this sized page.

     Here’s another spread I decorated using stickers from this haul:

     So, this is this weeks spread and for this week, I used some of the functional sticker sheet I bought which just has icons, labels and lists and stuff. Functional sticker sheets are very useful when used in combination with icon stickers (seriously, how cute is the cat sticker!).

     Okay, so those are the stickers and the spreads I decorated. My opinion? I love these stickers! If I had to say anything negative, it’d be that the backing of the stickers is quite sturdy making it a little tricky sometimes to get the stickers off but that’s not too big a deal and really, the stickers are a really good quality. I’ll definitely be going back to this shop to buy more planner stickers when I need them, especially icon stickers. There’s a great selection of super cute icon stickers!

     Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing my spreads and hearing my thoughts on these planner stickers! What are your favourite planner sticker stores?

10 thoughts on “KatieElisabethPlans Planner Sticker Review

  1. Very cute. ^_^ My favourite is Fox and Cactus. Best quality printing and sticker paper I’ve ever come across (not that I’ve done a lot of planner sticker purchases on Etsy.

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    1. Fox and Cactus, I’ll have to check that shop out…..Okay, just back from very quickly checking it out. Sloth stickers? I need those! xD


    1. I love using softer colours in my planner. I have a few sticker kits of darker colours but I don’t use them too often because it can be quite distracting from what I’m writing 🙂

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