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Card Making: Cards from Scraps

     This is going to be a quick card making post…because I forgot to take more pictures…but I thought it would be fun to show you some of the really quick cards I’ve made from scraps!

     I’ve told you before how I have a box that I put all the small scrap pieces of paper and card in with the hopes that I’ll use them up someday. Well, I thought I should finally do something with the pieces I’ve been gathering so I made some quick and simple cards that I can send and give to pen pals.

     Basically, I just pulled out all the scraps from my box and looked for papers and cards that went together and if needed, got a die-cut image from my stash that I could add to the card. In the case of the purple and grey card, I just layered up the pieces and didn’t even cut them – I just went with the flow!

     The card bases too are also of varying sizes as I was using scrap pieces of white card.

     I’ve sent all of these cards out to pen pals now. They’re simple cards but they’re great for just adding alongside a letter!

     So don’t be throwing out those scraps – you might still be able to make something from them and it’s quite satisfying when you do!


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