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May 2017 – Incoming Mail

      Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well.

     I have a short incoming mail post from May for you today. I did actually get a lot of mail in the month of May but most of it was because I spent a lot of money on online shops and as I do prefer to keep this post relating more to pen pals than my inability to keep money in my bank account, I won’t show that stuff off here (that’s what Instagram is for!)

     So, mail from pen pals. Let’s kick things off with some colourful mail from America and New Zealand:

And a lovely postcard from South Africa sent by Stephanie:

     Getting a postcard was nice. This one was sent by a pen pal but it did remind me that I should log back into Postcrossing one of these days and hit that ‘send a postcard’ button a few times. I haven’t sent any postcards since the cost of stamps went up and I do miss getting short and simple messages in the post!

     But moving on from my desire for postcards, take a look here at the lovely, lovely, lovely (is that enough lovelies?) happy mail package I got from Sarah over in Canada:

     She sent stickers, a little notebook and a really nice postcard! You’ll have seen the planner stickers already because I’ve already used some of them in my planner – they’re absolutely gorgeous! I love the copper shine to them. They’re great stickers to use for special events (watching Eurovision definitely counted as a special event!).

     Let’s see, what to show next…oh, here’s a really colourful piece of mail sent by Michele from America:

     How nice is that succulent stamp?

     And last but certainly not least, I got another lovely (ok, yes, I say lovely a lot, I’m short on adjectives!) piece of mail, this time from the wonderful Cobs:

     This one wasn’t a surprise to get but that didn’t diminish how fun it was to get it. Cobs made this amazing bookmark card last month and had a giveaway for it which I happened to win!

     And as always, to wrap up my incoming mail from the month, here’s the stamps that I remembered to photograph:

     Which is your favourite?


15 thoughts on “May 2017 – Incoming Mail

    1. Ohh, thank you Emma
      Bless your beautiful heart.

      I think that the lack of readers is perhaps down to the fact that I don' 'do' Facebook, so there's no passing of a link or anything like that, to my blog. 😦

      But thank you, dear blogging friend, for your wonderful words, and the sharing of my blog address with your own fabulous readers.
      Sending love and squidges, from me here in my corner, to you there in yours.
      ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Sure I don’t do Facebook either – to the annoyance of my family xD Just never took a liking to the site and I’m fairly certain my life is better for it! Though advertising things would probably be easier if I were on Facebook 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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