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May 2017 – Outgoing Mail

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     It’s time to showcase my outgoing mail from May. Thankfully I sent off quite a lot of mail at the start of the month as being sick for a solid three weeks left me very unmotivated to respond to mail! I’m quite happy with the mail I did send out though – I think I did pretty well with matching stamps to decor!

     First up is this red riding hood letter set which is a La Papierre one I had in my stash. The envelope already matched the paper so I didn’t have to decorate it but I still needed to find a stamp to match and I think the black, red and gold Yeats and Noh theatre stamp did the perfect job, don’t you think?

     Again, even if using a pre-decorated envelope as in the case below, finding a matching stamp is important to me! I didn’t have any suitable red flower stamps though so a red shop front had to do, but it is a shop front from one of my favourite stores in Cork, Vibes and Scribes!

     For this envelope that I sent off to Italy, I used some blue washi tapes to decorate it. I’ve had this blue teapot tape for a while now and even though I love it, I haven’t used it too much so I was making an effort to do something with it. I do like how it came out – nice and bright! I was a bit stuck when it came to matching stamps though, I didn’t have any that matched the theme and these were the only blue ones I had.

     This next envelope is my favourite I think and it went off to Keely in America. I wanted to use the Yeats stamp again but this time decorate the envelope myself. Finding a tape to match was tricky but when I was about to lose hope, I remembered this role of washi tape that I’d gotten from IKEA which also matched the sticky labels I’d gotten from IKEA as well. I had originally planned on a theme to match the vintage map notecard I sent but it ended up with a bit of an Art Deco theme instead – not that I’m complaining!

     The last envelope I have to show you is another washi tape decorated one (kind of my theme for May!). I absolutely love these wood themed washi tapes from Docrafts:

     And here are close ups for all the stamps I used last month:

     Which is your favourite envelope and stamp? If you’re a snail mailer, how important for you is it to match the stamp to the envelope?


16 thoughts on “May 2017 – Outgoing Mail

    1. The Noh stamp, ya that’s one of my favourites! (I mean, a stamp combining Irish poetry with Japanese culture, what could be better, those are two of my favourite things! XD)

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    1. Thanks! Yup, that is Peter Rabbit paper, isn’t it just lovely! Wish I was in the UK because then I’d have been able to use Peter Rabbit stamp to match the stationery! xD

      Liked by 1 person

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