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My July Snail Mail Challenge

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     I’m not going to ramble on before getting to the main topic here, I’ll get straight to the point – I’ve set myself a challenge for July, a snail mail challenge. What does that mean? I know that there are some snail mail challenges out there where people send a letter every day of the month. I think they do it for National Letter Writing Month which is earlier in the year. Well, I want to do a similar challenge to mark my two-year snail mail anniversary.

     For the month of July, I want to send something out in the mail each day. Okay, to be honest, I won’t actually be sending something out each day. I’ll likely only post things every few days but I’ll prepare a piece of mail each day! (That still counts, doesn’t it?). I’m also not going to stick to writing letters. I might send a postcard, a book, a letter, a poem, a birthday present etc. It depends on what I feel like doing and have the time to prepare on any given day.

     With that in mind, I’ve stocked up on stamps:

     Okay, so sending out a piece of mail every day, preferably to a different person each day…well, there are 31 days in July so I need 31 people. There’s a few people I know I’m going to send things to, I have my pen pals and if I need to, I can always find some swaps on swap-bot or use postcrossing to get people to send things to. Rather than rely on people I don’t know to make up the numbers though, I thought it would be nice to ask on my blog first if there’s anyone who would like the chance to get a piece of mail from me, seeing as you’re the people who enjoy reading my snail mail posts!

     Basically, if you are interested in potentially getting a piece of mail sent to you, you just have to send me an email letting me know you’re interested and also give me your address (would be hard to send you something otherwise!). You can find my email in the ‘contact me’ section linked up at the top of my blog. You don’t have to but feel free to mention a few things you like, like your favourite colours, styles, teas, hobbies etc. It might help me personalise things a bit more.

     I don’t know how many people will get on to me about this. If it’s only a few, you’re pretty much guaranteed being added to my list but if there’s a lot of people, I obviously won’t be able to able to send something to everyone (this will be an expensive enough challenge as is!). Also, I have absolutely no idea what I’ll send you, it could be a postcard or it could be a notecard set – it’ll be a surprise, for both of us!

     So, with all that said, I hope I hear from some of you and I look forward to sending you some happy mail!

     If you have any questions about my snail mail challenge, don’t be afraid to ask.

Oh, and here’s a sneak peak of July in my Moleskine planner – of course I had to make some pages to help me keep track of ideas of who and what to send along with what I actually send!


22 thoughts on “My July Snail Mail Challenge

    1. Yup, can always do with more people for the list! Especially seeing as even if there is more than 31 people on it, I might just use a random name generator to pick someone at random to send something to, to keep things fair and a surprise. I believe I do have your address written down…somewhere…could you email it to me again just to safe though? I have been so slack with organising my address book so it’s just full of bits of paper at the moment – really need to get round to sorting that thing out!


    2. Haha, see that’s why I knew I had your address as I had sent you something but the paper it’s written on is playing hide and seek xD Got your email though so I’m going to make sure to write it down proper this time!

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  1. Sounds like fun! I might stage something like this later in the year when I’m settled after moving. There’s always if you get stuck for people to send to. But with all your pretty mail pictures, I don’t think you’ll have trouble. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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