Planner Tour: Dom, my Filofax

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well. I have a planner tour post for you today. Well, it’s not a big planner tour. Today, I’m going to show you around Dom, my new Filofax planner although really, the contents are very similar to how things were in Geo, my older planner (which you can see the tour of here).

     Well, the obvious place to start is the outside. Dom is a lovely Filofax Domino Soft in pale blue.

     On the inside, Dom has a single pocket in the front.

     Now, I know that some people like to really decorate the inside of their planners with sticky notes and paper clips. I used to do that too but over the past year, I’ve really been cutting down on what I keep in my weekly planner. My planner lives on my desk and I keep all my supplies there so I don’t really need to keep much in my planner at all. I like the uncluttered look for this planner which I use everyday – it’s a lot easier and I don’t have to worry about things falling out!

     So I don’t fill my planner with things. I did, however, cut a piece of paper to size, laminate it and stick that in so that it wouldn’t look so empty. The Filofax came with a pouch and rather than make a dashboard, I put the pouch in front and cut some paper to fit in it. I do love the wood patterned paper which is from a Papermania 12×12 paper pack.

     I used some more of that blue wood patterned paper to make some dividers for my planner. Actually, I only have two dividers in this planner – my weekly planner and my blog section. By moving things over into my moleskine planner, I was really able to lighten the load on my personal planner.

     Okay, I know I said that I like to keep things clean in my planner and don’t have things like sticky notes in it. Well, that’s not entirely true. I do have some stickers and sticky notes in my planner but they’re tucked away neatly in the pocket that I made:

     And here it is opened:

     If you’re wondering how I made this pocket for my planner, I followed my own guide! I made a tutorial a while ago but since then I’d forgotten how to make them. Good news though, my tutorial still works! You can check it out here.

     And that’s basically my planner! Like I said, I do keep my weekly to-do list planner pretty simple and uncluttered. At the moment, that’s what works best for me.

     What about you and your planner, do you go for a cluttered or uncluttered one?


9 thoughts on “Planner Tour: Dom, my Filofax

  1. I don’t have a planner – I’ve thought about starting one a few times, but I just think I’d end up spending forever filling it in and making it pretty instead of actually getting stuff done 😆 so I stick to my functional but boring calendar and todo list… and notebooks of course (oh so many notebooks!)…

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    1. Haha, well, it is pretty easy to spend a lot of time on a planner! It doesn’t have to take too long though. Decorating my weekly planner pages only takes me about 15 minutes if I focus on it. It does usually take me longer, up to an hour some weeks, but that’s because I decorate my planner while watching tv on a Sunday evening 🙂


  2. That powder blue! ❤

    I'm a planner without a lot of extras. I love the look of all the pretties and everything, but actual use would end up irritating me more than helping me.

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    1. That’s what I found – love how all the extra things look in a planner but when I’m grabbing it everyday, even if it’s not even leaving my desk things just tend to fall out and get in the way!

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