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Cardmaking: Toast and Buttons

     Toast and buttons.

     Not together, but those are the themes of the cards I made shown here in today’s post!

     These are cards I made by request via my Etsy store (that’s a thing I do by the way, just in case you liked my card making style but didn’t see anything in my store that fitted the occasion).

     The first request was for a birthday card along the lines of the baby cards I make with the button balloons so I ended up making two different styles – one with just a single button balloon and one with a many:

     I quite like making these cards. They look simple but special! As I was making these cards, I was thinking about button balloons and then the idea of a button hot air balloon popped into my head so of course I then had to go make that card while it was on my mind (that’s often why I make several cards at a time – I start with one idea and it morphs into five different cards!).

     I had been messing with watercolours before and had this blue page lying around so I used it for the sky, added some white pigment ink with a sponge to create some clouds and cut it down to size. I used a variety of yellow buttons for the balloon part, some bakers twin for the ropes, cut a basket shape from wood pattern paper and stamped the rabbits and banner. I think it came out really cute!

     This flower button idea also popped into my head while I was making the first two cards. I didn’t actually have a flower punch or die though so what I did was use my heart punch and turned the hearts into petals! I then hand drew the stems and leaves because sometimes something hand drawn really works (also, not like I had a stamp that looked like that!). Obviously, having a flower punch would have made this card a lot quicker to make but sometimes you just gotta work with what you have!

     The next request that inspired a card making session was for cards featuring toast as the theme.

     Yup, toast!

     Toast isn’t a typical card theme so I didn’t exactly have any stamp sets featuring toast that I could use so I had to brain storm a bit. I didn’t have any stamps so in the end, I opted for hand drawing slices of toast…with smiley faces on them (because why not!).

     The first card I made was this shaker card because shaker cards are just fun and actually, this was the first shaker card I’ve made! It was fun. I cut out a bunch of the toast slices I had drawn and coloured and mixed them in with some orange, gold and brown sequins.

     I kept things much more simple for second toast card I made, just hand drawing and colouring the toast along with some hearts to make my own pattern paper. It doesn’t show up well in this photo but I also added some shimmer to the images, just to make them stand out.

     Finally, I just quickly made these two small and simple kraft cards, again featuring hand drawn toast:

     I mean, I had to do ‘a TOAST to you’ because well…toast…seemed obvious!

     So, one set of cards inspired by something I knew I could do and another with an unusual subject – have to say, don’t think I would have made toast cards if it wasn’t a request but it was a lot of fun doing something unusual like that!

     To fellow card makers out there, what’s the oddest themed card you’ve made?


33 thoughts on “Cardmaking: Toast and Buttons

  1. Your button cards are just adorable  💕 I have a small button stash, but I’ve only ever made one card with them – there are just too many things to try!
    The most unusual card I’ve done was for a friend who is a many times published author of spanking erotica… that card is not on my blog 😳 (it’s actually quite tasteful, but I never got around to posting it)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Haha, I have a button stash too and its really just to make cards, for some reason I’ve not thought to use them in any other craft!
      Spanking erotica, yup, definitely an unusual card! Not one you’ll find in your local card shop I image xD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve seen these types of button cards on Pinterest and love them, so naturally yours drew my attention!
    They are so sweet Emma. Lovely colours too. 😀
    Cute little toast cards! I think my favourite is the shaker card. But all lovely, Emma.
    Well done you clever thing!
    sending hugs ~ Cobs. x

    Liked by 1 person

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