June in my Monthly Moleskine Planner

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

      Now that it’s July, it’s time to show you my monthly Moleskine planner pages for June. June marks the fourth month of using this Moleskine notebook as my planner and I’m still enjoying using it! Actually, June is my favourite month so far in terms of how I decorated. Here it is:

     I started with my title page as usual and my calendar page with the tracking section is pretty much the same too:

     I decided to abandon the ruler though and do my best at drawing straight lines!

     Here’s my money tracking section which is pretty similar to past months:

     And here’s my goals, snail mail tracking and to-do list pages:

     Again, in terms of content and layout, it’s pretty similar to past months but the wood patterned tape and lilac pen I used for colouring makes a huge difference! I really do love this tape.

     So, this has been a pretty short post but I hope you enjoyed seeing my Moleskine planner pages.

     How’s everyone’s summer going?


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