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June 2017 – Incoming Mail

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     So, it’s the first Wednesday of the month and that means it’s time to show you my incoming mail from June. However, I don’t actually have many pictures to show you…it’s not that I didn’t get much mail in June. I did. My 9 letter high stack of ‘to-reply’ to letters attests to that but for some reason, I have simply forgotten to photograph everything! Usually I keep on top of things by photographing the letters as soon as I get them but that appears to have gone out the window for June because I only have photos of two pieces of mail so note to self – try harder for July!

     Well, even if I forgot to photograph them and it takes me a while to respond, I loved every piece of mail that I got and here’s the two pieces that I did remember to get pics of:

     I was excited to see an Icelandic stamp pop through my letterbox as that could only mean one thing – Stephanie’s back in Iceland! I do love the Icelandic stamps. If I can’t see the Northern Lights myself, it’s nice to get them in the mail!

     The other piece of mail I remembered to photograph is a letter that I got from my pen pal in Italy. I love how fun it is and also all the amazing bits and pieces that she sent along with her letter:

And…yup, that’s it! I have the obligatory close-ups of the stamps for you also:

     And that’s it for this post. A short one, I know, but I do hope you enjoyed it! I’d as you which is your favourite stamp but there’s not much of a selection to choose from this time. I’ll do better for July!


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