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Personal Planner Weekly Spreads (with videos)

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well. I have a short planner post for you today but it does feature, not one but, two planner decorating videos! (I may have forgotten I’d recorded one and then recorded a second…).

     You might also notice something slightly different about my planner pages in that…well…they’re different! I’ve been using the same planner page layout for over a year now and I love the layout but the last few weeks haven’t been as productive as I’d like them to have been so I thought a change was in order to see if that would help. These planner pages are printable ones from LetsPlanIt on Etsy. They’re pretty simple but maybe having fewer lists will help me focus.

     With that in mind, here’s my planner spread from last week:

    And the video for it:

And here’s my planner spread for this week:

     And the video:

     So those are my planner spreads. My camera battery did die while I was filming the second video so I guess it’s a good thing I had the other one recorded!

    With that in mind, which spread do you prefer? I’ve had some trouble with the Lord of the Rings spread in the past because of how dark the colours in it are but I brought my white gel pen out for writing in the green boxes and that has made a big difference because I can actually see what I wrote now. Is the colour of your planner stickers something you ever struggle with?


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