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Good Luck Card Making (with my new stamping tool!)

     Hey everyone! How’s it going? Hope you’re doing well. I have a short enough card making post for you today featuring some good luck cards I made back in June for my mom to give to some people she knew who were doing the Leaving Cert.

     So, I made two different types of cards using one Docrafts set of stationery themed stamps and an alphabet stamp set. I’d had this stationery stamp set for a while but not used it too much because I always had trouble stamping a clear image. However, I feel this stamp set will be getting a lot more use now that I have a new stamping tool to help me!

     First up, here’s what I used to make these cards (minus the alphabet stamp which I forgot to photograph):

     So, the stamp tool, which you can see above – if you’re a card maker and watch a lot of card making videos on YouTube, you’ll have undoubtedly seen people use a stamp positioning tool called a MISTI to help stamp in the same place multiple times to get a clear image. Well, the MISTI is really, really, really expensive to get if you’re not in America but thankfully there are cheaper versions to be found on Amazon. I finally picked one up about £14 and it was totally worth it! It makes it so much easier to restamp and get a clear image as well as make multiples of the same card.

     This was the first card I made. I used the ombre ink pad and the pen from the stamp set. I alternated the direction of the pen, changing the colour each time and left a space for the sentiment. It was actually a really quick card to make!

     I changed the pen for a pencil and the blues for a rainbow for card set number two:

     My spacing of the pencils isn’t perfect but see how the two cards are the same? That’s because of the stamp positioning tool. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to make multiples of the card like this if I were just using a normal stamp block.

     So those are my two simple cards. I definitely recommend getting a stamp positioning tool, either the MISTI if you can afford it or any cheaper alternative.

     Which of the two card designs do you prefer?

     Also, I don’t have these card designs up in my Etsy shop but they’re fairly easy to make. Is this a style of card you would buy? If it is, let me know and I’ll be sure to make some for my Etsy shop.


14 thoughts on “Good Luck Card Making (with my new stamping tool!)

  1. Beautiful work Emma, you are correct about the expense of the MISTI (I confess to having the large and small versions). I had seen the tool you have but it looked so complicated I didn’t take it further. I’m glad it works for you. I’ve heard of a few people having problems with the Tim Holtz stamping press i.e. it doesn’t close evenly (which renders it pretty useless) but it is a very popular choice.

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    1. Thanks! I would have loved to have gotten the MISTI, especially the larger one but it was just far too expensive my small alternative will have to do, for now at least. I’ve heard the same things about the Tim Holtz one but then again, I’ve also heard lots of great things about it so I’m not sure. I might look into it in the future because I do like the size of it and how it easily accommodates bigger sheets of paper. I’d mostly be using stamps on standard card sizes but then sometimes I make really big cards (partial to the 8×8 size cards for special occasions) so it’d be handy for that.


    1. I think I might, they’re easy to put together cards so good for when I want to craft but not think too much! And definitely get a stamping tool, makes such a difference! I got mine for only €16. It’s small but you don’t need a massive one for card making 🙂


    2. The Tim Holtz one does look good, I might be tempted to get it someday if I ever get really into scrapbooking – the open edges make it seem really good for that! I just got my stamp tool on Amazon for about €16, can’t even remember what brand it is but it does the job and was the cheapest one that actually delivered to Ireland xD


  2. I’ve had a MISTI for quite a while and I can’t remember the last time I stamped a sentiment without it 🙂 It isn’t perfect though – I’ve just got the Tim Holtz stamping platform (which was a lot cheaper) I’ll need to use it for a while to make a proper comparison though… I love your cards, I love stationery, and now I’ve had to go and order that stamp set 🙂

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    1. Haha, well it is a lovely stamp set and perfect for school related cards which I seem to need quite a few of recently. And I agree, the stamping tools aren’t perfect but they do make such a difference. Stamping sentiments has always been a hassle for me which is why I’ve tended to use die-cuts in my cards. I’d make a card, get to the stamping part and inevitably mess it up and have to cover it up with something. A lot less of that going on now!

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    1. Thanks! Thankfully now there’s a lot of cheaper alternatives to the Misti so it’s a much more reasonably priced tool now and it does make such a difference with stamping


    1. If you ever struggle to stamp clear images and have trouble stamping in the same place twice even with a clear block, definitely look into the stamp positioning tools. They really do help and thankfully are getting much cheaper now!

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