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Personal Planner Catch Up Time

     Hey everyone, how’s to going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     It’s been a few weeks since I’ve just shown you my personal planner spreads so today’s post is going to be a quick run through of the last few weeks of spreads.

     Here’s my spread from mid-June featuring one of my favourite sticker kits from PrettyCraftyStickers on Etsy. I just love the purples and blues in it. All the icon and mini checklist stickers are from different stores, there’s three or four different planner sticker shops represented on these pages!

     Next up, a more summary beach feel spread with these lovely orange stickers again from PrettyCraftyStickers. Orange is probably one of my least favourite colours but it does make it feel like summer and I do like these stickers.

     For the last week of June, I went back to using the lovely marbled and copper themed stickers that Sarah from A Bit of Glue and Paper sent to me. I absolutely love these stickers. I kept the spread pretty simple because I think that works best when you have shiny and also quite dark marble effects. It does look pretty empty though when there’s nothing written in it!

    So now you’re all caught up. Of these planner spreads, which is your favourite? If you have any questions about any of the planner stickers I’ve used, like where I got them from, ask away!


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