Fauxdori – New Addition to Planner Family

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well. Today’s post will be a little short but guys, I swear it’s good…well, for me…I have a new addition to my planner family!

     Meet Midori, my fauxdori:

     For anyone unfamiliar with the term, fauxdori is an alternative to the Midori TN (traveller’s notebook). TN’s are leather I believe but fauxdoris are often made of fabric instead. I have named my fauxdori Midori though because ‘midori’ is the Japanese for ‘green’ and mine is green.

     Well then! With that explained, let’s continue. I got my fauxdori from Butterfly Notebook on Etsy as she had a fantastic selection of colours and styles. I picked up two notebooks as well to fit with watercolour pattern that matched the inside.

     The basic fauxdori can hold two notebooks so I did pick up an extra elastic band in grey for mine so I can add some more later.

     There was a charm on the front which is kinda cute but charms really aren’t my thing so I did decide to take it off.

     And that’s my fauxdori! I think the planner, the two notebooks and the extra elastic band along with postage came to around €35 ($40). That’s pretty good in my opinion. It feels very nice and arrived quickly from Ukraine as well.

     So yes, I am very happy with my purchase and looking forward to using it. What for you ask? Well, I’m thinking of transferring my reading log and bookshelf to it seeing as I have recently repurposed my A5 map Paperchase planner for something else.

      You’ll have to wait a bit to see that though!

     Do you use a TN style notebook for planning or journaling? If so, how do you find using it?


13 thoughts on “Fauxdori – New Addition to Planner Family

  1. I ordered mine from the same shop! I got a silver spiderweb one. It took over a month to get here perhaps because I am not in Europe 🙂 I am keeping my eyes on a shop called Sew What Else Is New and am waiting for Lyra & Co to put up some Halloween patterns 🙂

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    1. Hmm, some more shops I should check out xD I may be playing with the idea of getting a pocket size one now to use for storing card making and scrapbooking sketches 😀


    1. Ya, I’m really growing to see the advantages of a TN – just gotten the standard size and now I’ already considering getting an A6 size for some other uses – I really am addicted to planners, aren’t I xD


    1. Seeing all my planners lined up does make it look like I have a bit of a problem though xD Actually, I’ve recently just done a revamp of that map planner so it should be featured on my blog at some point over the next few weeks 🙂

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  2. All of your journals are pretty in their own ways, lined up together, but this is a very nice addition.
    I have a couple of nice ones given to me by friends, but my predominant journals for note taking and art journaling are composition books and Moleskines.
    I’m a terrible cheapskate and I like to have a separate book for different subjects, so I tend to have a lot. Your post makes me think I should do better! Thanks for the inspiration.

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    1. But if it’s something that works for you, keep doing it! I do love Moleskines though, I use one for my monthly planner and it always feels nice to pick up. I also used one for my daily journal last year – really, nothing better than a bulging Moleskine journal!


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