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July 2017 Snail Mail Challenge – 1st to 10th

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well. As many of you know, back in June I wrote a post putting a call out for people to get in contact with me about my snail mail challenge for July. I was tasking myself with sending out a piece of mail every day and needed some people to send things to. Thankfully a number of people messaged me! Seeing as I sent out so much mail, I’ve decided to write several posts to show everything off and here’s the first of three featuring mail sent between the 1st and 10th of July.

     Now, seeing as I have a lot of show, let’s just get to it!

     Starting with the first piece of mail of the month, this is a wood theme package that I sent off to America:

     On the 2nd, I sent this quite belated birthday package off to Keely featuring a World Heritage magazine and a flower covered envelope. It was more postage than I needed but definitely worth it!

     On the 3rd I sent a letter off to a pen pal and I used some art deco themed stickers to decorate the envelope while on the 4th, I sent a few crafting things off to Myra challenging her to make some mini cards and tags with them!

     On the 5th, I sent a notecard to say hi off to Emma in the UK. The envelope was small so I just let the stamps to the work of decorating!

     On the 7th, I sent out the giveaway prize but I did forget to photograph the package! You can see that planner here though. For the 6th, I put together a bit of a puffins themed package (along with some tea and random crafting supplies) which I sent off to Australia and for the 8th, I sent a Limerick (or more specifically, King John’s Castle!) themed package to the UK featuring postcards, a magnet and chocolate.

     For the 9th, I didn’t have much time to put together something so I went to Postcrossing, requested an address and sent this Limerick one off to America. Finally, for the 10th, I sent another letter to a pen pal with this simply decorated red, black and white themed envelope!

     And that’s the first third of my month long snail mail challenge! I know I breezed through the details but there was a lot of pictures to get through! If you’re wondering anything about a specific piece of mail, just ask away. I do hope all the mail I sent arrived safely. If you see the piece you received here, let me know what you thought!

     I’ll be back next week with mail from the 11th to 20th so look forward to that.

     Oh, and of course, before I go, here’s some close-ups of stamps for you to look at. Which is your favourite? (I’m fond of the Limerick one but I’m a bit biased for my hometown!).


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