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Yellow and Grey Napkin Fold Christening Card

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     I just have one card to show you today but I promise, it’s a lovely card, I think so at least! My parents needed a christening card to give to my neighbours so of course that meant I needed to make one. I was struggling for ideas for ages though as whenever I looked up pinterest for christening cards, a lot of the cards were overly religious and that definitely isn’t my style. Even when making cards for religious holidays or occasions, I prefer to make the card as secular as I can and leave it up to the person who requested the card to add the religious sentiment. I just feel more comfortable that way.

     Anyway, I was thinking for ages about what I should do. I didn’t have any stand out images or sentiments to use on a simple card which was the problem. Then the idea hit me to make a complicated looking card shape that wouldn’t require a focal image or sentiment as the shape would be the focus – and so I arrived back at the napkin fold card! I quite like the napkin fold card. I’ve made it a few times. It does require quite a bit of paper for decorating but I think it’s worth it.

     Here’s what I ended up making:

     The baby is a girl and I know the expected colour of any card made would probably be pink but I happen to really like yellow and grey for baby colours. Actually, that yellow pom pom blanket I knitted was for this baby so really, the card matches that! The paper pack I used is by Dovecraft and I think it’s called ‘Back to Basics Baby Steps’. It’s a lovely paper pack. Half the designs in the paper pack have specific baby patterns but others, like all the ones I used in this card, are just simple yellow, white and grey patterns that could be used for any occasions. They’re quite nice!

     For the belly band of the card, I used a strip of paper from a 12×12 piece of paper with a ribbon in the middle. The band doesn’t stretch the full way around so I used another small piece of paper that I had stamped the baby name on and used that to attach the ends. I found two small chipboard star stickers in my stash and used them to over the joins – happily, the stars were silver which matched the grey stars on the inside.

     Typically, I would only use only layer of paper to decorate all those triangles but seeing as the patterns I was using were simple, I figured I’d try add in a grey layer underneath which I think helps tie the yellow and grey together.

     I put an envelope for money on the inside rather than leave space for a message so I decided to decorate the back for that (which was an excuse to use more lovely paper!).

     But that’s the christening card I made (without using any sentiment!). Really, it could be used for any baby occasion and I quite like cards like that. They’re versatile!

     What do you think of the card? What kind of cards do you like making, specific ones or generic ones?


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