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Simple Black and White Cards

      Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well. I just have a few simple cards for you today that I made fairly quickly when I sat down to see how many cards I could make from another 6×6 paper pack. I did make a lot more than these but most of them aren’t that interesting – these are the ones that I put up in my Etsy shop and I’ll keep the rest for my own stash because my own stash is fairly low as I never seem to make cards for myself!

     Anyway, let’s just get started with the cards! First up are some very, very simple hello cards. I really liked the paper with all the ‘hello’ sentiments. All I did was add some gold hello sentiments that came from a die-cut set for something to pop on the card.

      There was one pattern paper with lines of ‘with love’ in different fonts and another with hearts so I actually cut them into strips and made my own pattern.

     For this next card, I just wanted to work with layering different shapes and patterns. I’m not sure if it’s a little too busy but I like them.

      Again, I was working with layering different patterns for this card. I was playing with shapes though.

     I think this is my favourite of the cards I made and the most time-consuming because there was a lot of stamping and embossing. I started with stamping and embossing the ‘yay’ sentiment in gold, then stamping and embossing the ‘celebrate’ and ‘this special day’ in white. Then, because the sentiment fit between all those stripes, I stamped a ‘it’s your birthday’ sentiment in clear ink all over.

     So those are some of the cards I made. They’re all up in my Etsy shop so if you’re interested in them, go check that out. Which is your favourite of these cards?

16 thoughts on “Simple Black and White Cards

  1. Oops, sorry I accidently commented as my mom! I meant to comment as Sorry again!


  2. I really like the floral paper on ‘Sending you a hug’. I think if you made it with just the hello strip on the side it wouldn’t be too busy. It’s nice like this, but I’m not a huge fan of lots of patterns.
    My cards are always very simple, and maybe boring. Seeing your designs makes me think I should learn to experiment with more papers. Of course, that would mean more supplies, so maybe I should just stay focused on painting.

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    1. Haha, well, pattern papers are a bit out of my comfort zone for me so I’m liking just getting cheap 6×6 pads to mess with – if I only spend €1.50 on a paper pack, I’m not gonna feel too bad if my cards don’t work out!

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