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Incoming Mail – October 2017

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     First blog post of the month and it’s a snail mail post! It’s time for my incoming mail from October which of course means birthday mail!

     I think this birthday card from Bridget was the first birthday card I got which arrived a day or two before my actual birthday. The card itself is really pretty and she was also kind enough to include a gift card for Starbucks so that I could treat myself to something nice:

     Another birthday card got I got was from Tammy over in the states – I liked how both cards had similar colour schemes and also both featured envelopes decorated with flowers!

     Next up, I have an absolutely lovely piece of art that Frances made for me that arrived in an equally lovely envelope with matching bird theme. I love the striking bold colours and I immediately popped this up in my craft room by my sewing machine.

     There were a few letters popping through my letterbox this month. I got a great map themed envelope from Stephanie made using a map of Northern Ireland (with parts of Scotland) and from Tammy, a fantastically themed Halloween envelope! It appears there was a mishap with the posting of it as it arrived back at her house but with a second postage, it eventually found its way to mine!

     From the amazing Sarah over at A Bit of Glue & Paper came this spectacular Halloween flip book filled with loads of Halloween goodies. I absolutely love it – the halloween papers and supplies are gorgeous and made me wish I’d tried a bit harder to find some halloween themed craft supplies this year (for some reason, halloween paper packs aren’t really a thing over here). I may not have been able to get stuff here but thankfully I was able to use the bits and pieces Sarah sent to me to decorate some treat bags for last night.

     Okay, moving on to the last piece of mail I’ll show you for today and it’s a whopper of a package. I don’t think I’ve ever used the word whopper as an adjective before but it seems appropriate for this:

     This was a birthday package that Laura, my Dutch pen pal sent me and there was so much in it! It was filled with chocolate (those chocolate kruidnoten are the best!), tea, stickers, yarn, a bag and even a hat that she knitted! Laura always sends the best packages. Her birthday is just a week after mine so next week you’ll be able to see what I sent out to her.

     And finally, it’s time for the stamps! Okay…three stamps…I may have forgotten to photograph stamps last month so there’s not much of a choice if I ask you which your favourite is. Enjoy how pretty the Icelandic stamps are though!

     So that’s that for my incoming mail from October. I hope you enjoyed seeing it. For obvious reasons, October is probably my favourite month for mail – I do love getting birthday cards in the post! What’s your favourite mail month or holiday – is it your birthday month, the holiday season or maybe a completely different time of year?


16 thoughts on “Incoming Mail – October 2017

    1. A good month for mail! I know, the yarn is nice and soft too. I’m still not 100% sure what I’ll use the yarn for, I was thinking of a hat but maybe some gloves…I’ll have to go pattern searching for inspiration!

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    1. I love the crows, I put it up in my craft room straight away – decided I need to start putting things up that look nice and inspire me to make some art 🙂
      Christmas is a good month for cardmaking – probably the only time of year where people don’t think it’s strange to get cards in the post from friends and family, a bit sad that because getting cards in the post is fun 🙂


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