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Outgoing Mail – October 2017

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     I have a lot of outgoing mail to show you today and I really mean a lot! October is an incredibly busy month for mail for me because it seems that almost everyone I know has a birthday in October. Does anyone else find that? Anyway, with so much mail to show, I guess I should avoid too much rambling and really get to it!

     First up is, a little something I sent to my twin down in Cork. She’d asked for me to make a card,which I did, but as she wasn’t going to be up in Limerick in time to collect it, I had to send it to her and as it was around the time of our birthday, I took the opportunity to send her a birthday card.

     Next up are some more birthday cards that I sent out, these ones to pen pals over in America. You’ll recognise the cards as ones I showed you last week.

     But oh look, some more birthday packages! To Bridget in America and Stephanie in Germany, I sent some chocolate. Not the greatest looking packaging (those bubble envelopes are always so tricky to decorate!) but hopefully the chocolate will make up for that.

     Now, to my pen pal Laura in the Netherlands, I sent this box full of goodies. You’ll have seen the amazing package that she sent me last week. I hope that she likes what I sent her. I had this box in my house which I had been using for storing teas but I recently got a new box for that so I cleaned this one out and set about finding lots of small things to fill the sections with. I found these mini balls of yarn in Sostrene Grene which are adorable. The hardest part about sending this box to Laura was that I had so much trouble finding a box I could put it in in order to actually send it to her – seriously, I spent several days going to a variety of shops looking for boxes before I found the size I needed!

     Okay, we’re moving away from birthday stuff now…just kidding! Above is a birthday card that I sent to one of my best friends. Well, the first card is a congratulations card I gave her as she had gotten a new job, in Japan. The second card is the birthday card I sent her as she celebrated her birthday just a few days after moving to Japan.

     Okay, now we’re onto the non-birthday related mail! Above are the various notecards and letters that I sent out to pen pals and you’ll notice plenty more of those woodland creatures here! I really did fall in love with that paper pack.

     And that is that! Yes, pretty much everything I sent out in October was birthday related! It was a busy month indeed. Now that I’ve gotten through it though, I can finally turn my attention back to replying to letters from pen pals (sorry to any pen pals I’ve kept waiting!). I best make a start at that and make sure it’s an empty pile by the end of this month, before the Christmas card rush kicks in for December.

     And finally, the stamps from all my outgoing mail! I did stock up on stamps the month before so I was able to get a nice variety on my envelops this time, matching as best I could. There’s a lot of stamps to pick from so which is your favourite? Also, let me know if October is a super busy birthday month for you, I’m curious!


16 thoughts on “Outgoing Mail – October 2017

  1. I loved my card Emma, it’s so pretty. I was really excited when I opened the mailbox and saw the pretty envelope! The Irish landscape stamps are very pretty also. I have always found stamps interesting, so I love this part of your posts.
    In the past I have always made my cards with a set of lino blocks I cut, so I am learning a lot from your posts about working with layers of paper. All of your cards are so beautiful. I don’t know how you find the energy and focus to manage all of your projects and posts.

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    1. I’m glad you liked it! The landscape stamps are some of my favourite ones so I’m glad you liked them.
      I haven’t done lino in so long. Actually, I only really tried it once way back when I was in secondary school – think I was 13 – but I remember it being a lot of fun. I’d love to try it again and learn to do it properly.


  2. This end of the year is quiet for birthdays for me – once I’ve got my mum’s sorted at the start of November, there aren’t any until January. In theory that means I can focus on Christmas cards instead but…

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    1. Never turns out to be the case? 😀 For me, I have a few birthdays to deal with dotted throughout the year but my dad’s birthday is the end of September and that sorta kicks off a busy season of card making that lasts until Christmas.

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    2. I couldn’t do that! I’m already panicking because An Post have put out their recommended deadlines for sending Christmas mail and it’s the 7th of December for worldwide mail so I have less than a month to make all my cards!

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    3. I’ve only just looked at my Christmas card list – luckily I’ve already made some and started on another batch and I even have a few left over from last year so that’s a start. But there’s still the special ones for close family to do! …Makes a note to check Royal Mail posting dates…

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    4. A good start!
      Ah ya, the special ones for close family, have to figure out what I’m doing for them. I have some 8×8 size card bases I picked up to use but I have no idea what to do to fill up such a large card front considering usually I make A6 size cards!

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    5. 8×8? That is a lot to cover. Like you, I normally do A6 or occasionally 6×6… Maybe create a 6×6 frame so you can have a border to decorate and leave a smaller area in the centre for a focal point – less daunting that way.

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    6. That sounds like a good idea. I really do need to just face the cards and make them, I just keep putting them off, still haven’t dealt with them yet 😀 I should also really take a look through my stamps and see if I have anything good for repeat stamping to make some patterns.


    1. Why is it that birthdays always seem to clump together, would be a lot easier if they could be spread out more – my bank balance would certainly like that 😀


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