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A Birthday Card for my Dad

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     I have a, well, I guess it’s what people would call a masculine birthday card to show you today – this is the birthday card that I made back in September for my dad. I was struggling with ideas for what kind of birthday card to make him for ages. I don’t know why, I do often struggle with making cards for him. I have a pack of paper with a bunch of wood textures and patterns on it so I tend to just use that. It’s kind of my fall back option for masculine cards!

     At the time, he was quite busy with chopping up logs for the fire (really, our back garden just had a huge pile of wood from all the trees he’d cut down over the past year or two!), so I thought this log pile paper would fit and he’d appreciate the reference. I decided to pair it with kraft card rather than white as it seemed more fitting. Basically, I cut the kraft card down to a bit smaller than A5 size so the card would have a white border. Then, I cut the log paper down a bit smaller to have a kraft border and then…well, then I stared at the card for a while because I actually didn’t know where I was going with it. Does anyone else do that, start a card without knowing where it’s going?

     I fumbled around with things for a while, eventually making another layer of kraft card and log paper with the size determined by the scraps of paper I had and while looking through my stash, I did find a sheet of alphabet stickers with wood patterns that matched the paper pack I had. Okay, so, I could spell something. Well, ‘Peter’ (his name) didn’t fit as nicely with the size layer I had so I opted for ‘dad’, although then I realised I had a large space at the bottom so I a used chipboard sticker of an old looking pickup tuck to fill it. Thankfully, the colours went enough and it sort of fit the theme too. Onto the inside then!

     We were giving him a gift card so I knew I had to make a pouch for that. I decided to make one in the centre of the card that would sort of pop up and stick out when you opened the card. I used some more wood patterned paper for that pocket and covered the inside of the card with it as well, using some kraft card to create a space for writing. Seeing as I had the alphabet stickers out, I used them to spell ‘happy birthday’.

     And that’s the card I made. I really didn’t have any idea where the card was going when I started. Usually I like to have a plan and I sketch out my card ideas first but with this one, it really was ‘let’s just see where this takes us!’. What do you think of the card? When it comes to card making, do you like to plan things out in detail or just lets thing go where they will?

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