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Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     It’s the first of December! It’s officially Christmas time now and today is an even more exciting day because tonight, The Late Late Toy Show is on. That won’t mean anything to anyone reading this I’m guessing because I don’t think I have many, if any, Irish readers but if you do happen to be Irish, you’ll know the excitement that The Late Late Toy Show means.

      But this post isn’t about The Late Late Toy Show, as much as I love it, it’s about an advent calendar because yes, I have made another advent calendar. I’ve decorated many advent calendars in the past; there was a bus one for family friends, an elegant one for my parents and a tree one for my older sister. I’ve also made two, one for my cousin’s family and one for my neighbours.

     This year, it was time to make one for my twin.

     I picked up this wall hanging tree advent calendar in my local craft store for about €13 because it was the only one I liked. They didn’t have a great selection at the time and I admit that I was hoping to get something with boxes so that I wouldn’t have had to make boxes. but I picked up the tree and figured I’d make it work. I was just going to get random sweets to fill the advent calendar but I was on Amazon browsing for Christmas presents when I found a box of 24 lip balms, Now, my twin is obsessed with lip balms – she won’t go anywhere without one but she is always losing them. 24 is a convenient number of lip balms, just what you need for an advent calendar!

     With the lip balms bought, I needed to make some boxes. I picked up a paper pack for real cheap in Sostrene Grene for this. There were pink patters in the paper pack as well but I decided to use the white, black and greenish papers only. Some have silver foiling which is absolutely gorgeous. I figured out the dimensions I’d need for the boxes and just spend a few hours making 24 boxes – it was a bit tedious! I had also picked up the wooden advent numbers in Sostrene Grene. I used some twine to attach the them, close up the boxes and hang them.

     There’s space for a 25th box so I just found this small wooden ornament to hang and fill up that space. I also used a silver paint pen to colour the tops of the pegs and the star at the top.

     Altogether, I’m quite happy with how the advent calendar came out. I absolutely love the colour scheme – it has a Scandinavian feel to it I think…I mean, that would make sense seeing as the supplies came from a Danish store. What do you think of it?

     If you’ve seen my other advent calendars, which is your favourite? What’s your favourite colour scheme for Christmas?

15 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

    1. Thanks! She opened the first box with lip balm yesterday and used the lip balm straight away so I think it’s gone down well. Now, if she manages to lose all 24 lip-balms by mid 2018 though, I think a serious intervention will have to take place 😀

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