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Prints, Stickers and Cards – My Redbubble Shop

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     I have a little bit of a different kind of blog post for you today. It’s sort of a card making post and…well…it’s an I opened another shop somewhere and want to inform people about it post. Ya…well, what’s the point of having a blog if you aren’t going to promote your shit on it, am I right?

     I’m sure a lot of you know what Redbubble is  – it’s one of those print on demand services where you can upload your artwork and get it printed on a variety if items or buy other people’s artwork on items. Well, I decided to start trying to put stuff up on Redbubble. I’m hoping it will encourage me to work on my art a bit more. I only actually have two things up there at the moment because it’s not my main focus but it’s a start. You can find them by clicking on this handy link…here. Did you click on it? I’m thinking I’ll mainly be focusing on making images I can use for greeting cards and stickers.


     The first image I put up on there was this watercolour cactus drawing:

    It’s just a simple drawing. I adjusted and brightened the colours and added the ‘I don’t do hugs.’ sentiment in photoshop. I do want to try to some more watercolour cactus images that I can maybe add there because there fun to do.

      The second image I added to Redbubble came about because my sister asked me if I could make a Valentine’s Day card for her that said ‘Thank you for putting up with me’. I’d been watching some Skillshare classes on watercolour  textures and digitally cleaning up images for use so I wanted to give it a shot. I painted a random red watercolour piece, scanned it in and spent a while cleaning it up to turn it into a png file.

     I added the text in and decided it could do with some hearts to make it seem more Valentines related but I guess it could just be a card for any time of year where you want to thank your significant other for putting up with you. I printed the images out on my own computer to make the card for my sister but after doing that, I figured I might as well put it on Redbubble in case anyone else was interested in it (an unlikely situation but hey, it’s free to upload artwork there so why not).

    So that’s all that’s there now. I know it’s not much but like I said, I’ll hopefully be putting more stuff up over the next few months, focusing on images suitable for cards, prints, stickers and maybe notebooks (but you’ll probably also be able to get the images on bags and cushions as well). I’ve actually never bought anything from Redbubble so I don’t know what the quality of the items is but I’ve heard they’re good. Have you ever bought anything red Redbubble or other print on demand services? Are they something you use often and if so, what kinds of things are you most likely to buy from them?

8 thoughts on “Prints, Stickers and Cards – My Redbubble Shop

  1. Thanks for this information. I currently opened a shop too and have been having trouble trying to get the ‘shareable’ – I think that’s what it is, link to be able to share my shop with others. I’ve emailed them and they just tell me that some people have problems with the links because their system is old. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I don’t know! How were you able to get your link to be able to share?


    1. Thanks! And good to know! The stickers are good quality then? There are a lot of cute images I kinda want to get as stickers so I can cover my sketchbooks and journals xD

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  2. I worked with Redbubble several years ago and was happy with their print quality. As an artist, I didn’t like their customer service. I didn’t get enough traffic to justify keeping up with the an account, but that’s on my end because I struggle with finding time to promote online.
    My disappointment was in not getting paid for the work that had sold when I closed out my account with them. I don’t know how they handle their payments now, but I would just be aware that it has been a problem for some people in the past.

    On a similar note, how do you like Etsy? I keep getting advice about opening a shop there for my drawings and small studies and mixed media.

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    1. Thanks for the information on Redbubble! It’s useful hearing what others have to say. I can’t imagine I’ll make very much from it at all because I’m very bad at promoting myself but it’s good to now about possible payment issues. And that the prints are good, definitely good to know that.
      I find Etsy good, especially as a buyer but it’s a little trickier for me as a seller. I do like the site and it makes it really easy to list things but I find it hard to promote myself on the site and therefor sell things. Part of that is because I don’t put much time into it but also I think the majority of buyers and sellers on Etsy are American and so buy from American shops, so you’d probably be fine and be able to find an audience there. The listing fees do add up so for Etsy, I think it’s important to find the right balance of listing enough in your shop to attract people but not too many things that end up costing you! But you should definitely give Etsy a try and see how you like it. Seeing as so many people browse the site, it’s a good place to be on.


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