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Crocheting the Virus Shawl and Scarf

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     Today’s post is a quick one but it contains two crochet projects! Both of these are from December last year and were Christmas presents.

     First up is this scarf that made using the virus shawl pattern, a free crochet pattern that can be found all over the internet. I ended up giving this scarf to my pen pal in the Netherlands.

     I absolutely love the colour change in the yarn that I used. It’s a 4ply fingerweight yarn that switches the colour one strand at a time so the colour change is gradual. It looks so good! The downside is that it’s a fingerweight yarn and it works up so slowly…I’m just so used to using chunky yarns. I worked it up with a 4mm hook. Seriously, fingerweight yarn and a 4mm hook is really hard to get used to when you’ve been using a 20mm hook to make chunky blankets!

     It was a pain but it was worth it. The lightness and drape of the scarf is quite nice. I ended up with just a scarf for this one because I ran out of yarn.

    For the second crochet project, I made the virus shawl again and this time I made sure I had enough yarn to actually make a shawl! Again, it’s 4ply fingerweight yarn and the colour change is just lovely. I made this one for my mom and while I do love the grey scarf above, I figured my mom would like a bit of colour…I still got grey in there though, everything I crochet seems to involve grey…can you tell that grey is my favourite colour?

     Apologies for the not great photo, I was in a rush to photograph it and keep it hidden from my mom!

     I love how light fingerweight yarn is when worked up but I really do hate how long it takes to make things. I’m quite impatient and I just love chunkier yarns so while I would like to someday make a shawl like this for myself, I think it will be a while before I get to it!

     What are your preferences when it comes to crocheting (or knitting)? are there certain types of yarn you prefer using and any that you just won’t work with?

26 thoughts on “Crocheting the Virus Shawl and Scarf

  1. I can’t actually find the pattern anywhere. I don’t want a video or a chart. I need a plain old written pattern. Any suggestions?


    1. Thanks! I know, I love wearing grey and being able to accessorise in whatever colour. I mean, I do admit that I often forget the colour in my outfits but I do try! I don’t wear much yellow myself (wearing warm colours tends to highlight how ghostly pale I am) but I do love the grey and yellow combo when I’m making things for others!


  2. Lovely!I made a couple of virus blankets last year, one will be a wedding gift at the end of the month. 😀 I tend to work in DK, but love the finish that comes with finer yarns… The only yarn I hate working with (so far) is 100% cotton… no give, it squeaks on the hook and has a super annoying tendency to separate!

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    1. Thanks! Ooh, a virus blanket sounds nice, what a great gift idea!
      I use 100% cotton a bit because I use it to make dishcloths. I’ve used the Patons cotton a lot and never really had much of a problem with it but I recently used some Paintbox cotton to make an amigurumi koala for my friend and damn, that stuff was hard to work with – separated so much!


    1. Opposite to me then – I really do seem to have grey in everything I make! Although I’m working on something now that is shades of brown with no grey and I’m very proud of myself 😀

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    2. I do have intentions of working on a rainbow colour blanket at some point – now that will be something new for me, so much colour! It’s good to get out of your comfort zone every now and again though


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