March 2018 Bujo Pages

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     It’s that time of the month where I show you my monthly Moleskine spreads only there’s a problem with that…my monthly Moleskine spreads are no longer in my Molesine. That’s right people, I’ve finally moved to my Leuchtturm! It doesn’t roll of the tongue as easy…probably because I don’t know how to pronounce Leuchtturm so I guess it’s a good thing that this is a written format rather than audio.

     But I ramble. I’ve moved planners fully now and with the first month in a new planner, I decided to do something I bit outside my comfort zone and go for a slightly more decorative and journal feel. By that, I mean I stuck stuff into it. You’ll see but first up, I have my usual monthly title page.

     I went with something pretty simple and seeing as I was enjoying the green Tombow pens I’ve been using for my collections and year trackings, I decided to use them for my March colours too. The darker green colour happens to be very similar to my Moleskine cover colour so maybe that played into it.

     My monthly page is where I mixed things up a bit and got decorative (slightly). I moved my calendar page from the left to right hand page for March and changed the layout slightly. I had been using one column for health tracking and the other for planning but now I’ve used one column for occasions and holidays and the other for noting things like payments and events. On the left hand page then I have a section for things to do during the month, some goals for the month and also a note area for things to move and get done next month. There were some postcards in the Flow Book for Paper Lovers Vol. 5 that matched my colour scheme for March really well that I wanted to try use in my spreads so I’ve used them throughout to fill in spaces that would otherwise be too blank. I also used some stickers that my friend got me for Christmas which help give my spreads a spring feel.

     My spending pages aren’t too different from usual. On the left I have my spending tracking page and on the right I have a shopping list and space for noting my savings. I did use to have more section on my spending pages but they’ve moved to other areas in my planner. That left me with quite a bit of extra space so the postcard really came in useful here. The small decorative stickers were also great for adding just a little something to an otherwise boring list page.

     Onto my final monthly pages now and I have my usual page for tracking my snail mail and crafts. Seriously, I absolutely love the postcards. They really were perfect for my spread! My snail mail and crafts only took up one page and I spent some time wondering what I should do with the other page. I like using two pages for my weekly spreads so I wouldn’t be using it for that. I did have some more pieces of paper and postcards from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers that matched my theme so I figured I’d use those on it but for what I wasn’t sure. I just started laying some pieces down and eventually figured I could use it as a bit of a memories page for the month of March, somewhere to stick things in. I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll use but it’s worth a shot and is a good excuse for printing some pictures using my HP Sprocket.

     But what do you think of my pages? I have to say that I’m quite happy with how they came out. They did take longer to put together than my usual pages (even though there’s not that much there) so I don’t know if this is a style I’ll be able to keep up but I guess that’s the good thing about a bujo – it’s easy to change things from month to month and week to week depending on your available time.

2 thoughts on “March 2018 Bujo Pages

    1. Haha, careful with that – I feel once you get a few you just want to keep getting more 😀 They are nice pens to use though. I enjoy how versatile they are because I can use them for brush lettering in spreads, colouring in my sketchbook and even use them with a bit of water to get a make-do watercolour.


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