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Craft Room Destash and Re-finding My Motivation

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     Today’s post is a bit of an unusual one for the blog. It’s not a craft but it is craft related. I guess I’ll start with a bit of a story and it starts back in November/December of last year.

     As regular readers of my blog know, November and December are pretty busy craft months for me. I love making Christmas crafts so I tend to want to do a lot of them in the final two months of the year but I also have an awful lot of card making to do because I make cards that I send out to my family and friends and also make cards for my mom so generally there’s at least 100 cards that I make for Christmas. I really struggled with the Christmas 2017 cards I made for my mom though because I wasn’t enjoying the supplies I was using and I kinda stressed myself out a bit. After Christmas, I decided that what I needed was a short break from crafting so that when the new year came I’d be feeling fresh and excited for card making again!

     Only, that feeling of excitement didn’t really come. I was having a hard time motivating myself to get crafting again because I was struggling with inspiration. I made a few cards back in January over the course of one day and that was somewhat of a struggle. I don’t think I really made anything at all in February (other than crochet) and March has pretty much been the same in terms of making. I loved my craft room but for some reason it wasn’t inspiring me anymore.

     Do you ever feel like you just own too much stuff and it’s a bit suffocating? I feel like I’m having a mid-twenties life crisis and need to declutter my life and so last week and into this week, I’ve been busy decluttering my craft supplies and I can honestly say it’s made me feel a lot better! Really, between organising my craft room and watching a lot of random craft videos on YoutTube, I’m finally starting to feel motivated again.

     I’ve been crafting for several years now and you know how easy it is to build up a stash of supplies that you then forget you have. Well, with this organisation and decluttering spree, I’ve taken the time to go through everything I have in my craft room and see what I have. I have tons of stuff that’s perfectly good to use but my tastes have changed over the years and say, paper packs that I was once inspired to use no longer inspire me anymore. If that’s the case, what’s the point of having them?

     I did throw out and recycle a lot of stuff but there was still a lot that seemed too good to through out. I mean, just because I’ve used two letter stickers from a full sheet of them, why would I throw that out? Or all the paper – they may be from different packs but they’re still good to use. I might not use them but someone else might have fun with them.

     With that in mind, why not send the stuff to people who might use them? I did a bit of a Christmas supplies de-stash back in November over on Instagram and it seemed to go down well so I figured I’d bring this de-stash to my blog seeing as I have so much I could send people (really, I filled two whole drawers with stuff I could send to people!).

     Basically, I’ve organised a number of packages filled with supplies I can send to people. There’s selections of floral and nature themed papers, selections of alphabet stickers, a few packets of random die-cuts, a lot of half used paper and card packs…I even have a big box of clear stamps I could send. I haven’t photographed everything but hopefully the above pictures will give you an idea of what I’m on about!

      So, are you interested in getting some free craft supplies? That’s it really. If you are, feel free to shoot me an email (you can find it in the ‘contact me’ section in the menu bar). Or if you have any questions about what I have to send, you can ask away in the comments below.

      Depending on how many people get in contact with me, it might take me a while to send things out just because of the cost of sending packages to people. I’ll probably compile a list of people who put their name in for destash items and randomly pick two or three each month until everything is gone.

     I do have a variety of items and styles so if you have a preference, say, you use stickers or die-cuts more than paper or prefer floral themes to geometric patterns, you can mention that. I can’t guarantee I’ll have anything that fits your exact preferences but if I do, I’ll try send it your way!

     But that’s all for this post. Sorry it’s been a bit long, rambling and incoherent at times – I’m writing this quite late at night!


12 thoughts on “Craft Room Destash and Re-finding My Motivation

  1. I completely understand Emma! I am in the process of decluttering myself, so I completely understand. I have literally been sending truckloads of old wood and sheet metal out to a friend who is making an art park on his property.
    When I moved here, everyone said I should make repurposed and folk art because that’s what’s popular here, but it doesn’t work for me. All I really accomplished was accumulating a lot of junk in the garage and yard. I know my neighbors are happy to see someone driving off with it.
    Since making the decision to declutter and also to stop going to festivals and markets as a vendor, I have been spinning my wheels a bit. I have a ton of great ideas and some good projects going, but I’m not motivated to get to work. It’s early spring here and the long stretches of cold grey days have gotten me down. I’m not glad you’re having the same problem, but it does help to know that we’re struggling together. Good luck with your decluttering and finding inspiration.

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    1. I get you, it’s a sucky feeling but it does help when you hear others are going through the same things because you realise it’s quite normal. My decluttering is going quite well and I’m glad a started it! How is your decluttering going? Hopefully the spring will bring more inspiration for both of us. I mean, I’m in Ireland so it’s not like I can escape the grey and rainy days – we get those all year – but at least on the brighter days it’s brighter for much longer. It makes a big difference when the sun sets at 8pm versus 3pm. I love the middle of summer when the sun doesn’t set till 10pm, you feel very productive those days 😀

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    2. Yes, that’s quite different from here!
      I’m doing well with decluttering. I have sent out 2 truck loads of lumber, sheet metal and salvage to another artist. I have purged several items from my kitchen and donated some clothing and blankets to local charities. As I unpack my studio, I am setting books and materials aside for friends who would make better use of them. It feels great and I am getting lots of ideas for new paintings and sculpture.
      I hope you don’t have too many dreary days. I know that makes it hard to get motivated.

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    3. Well good to hear how well your decluttering is going. Decluttering is good for everyone really – you feel better cleaning up your stuff and other people benefit from the things you get rid of because you just don’t use them!


  2. Hi Emma
    Your post really touched a chord with me, as I’ve been feeling totally unmotivated myself – what you said about Christmas and cards, that’s exactly how I felt. Also, January to March is never a good time for me, I don’t like the short days and long nights. But after my birthday in February and a trip to see my son, I sort of crashed into a real slump and didn’t feel like doing anything but reading. Perhaps I, too, needed to stand back a little and have a little time without craft.

    I feel a lot more motivated today and sorted out my fabrics, so that I can make some new skirts for the spring. And I think I might be able to get going on my scrap journal from my recent trip to Chicago. Thanks for the motivation – I think it really helped! x

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    1. Glad my post could help in any way! It is tough when you find yourself loosing motivation for the thing that you love doing.
      I think taking a break every now and again from crafting can be a good thing. I feel it’s so easy to exhaust yourself with crafting and start rushing things because you want to make so much but then it just feels like you have to get things made and it’s no longer fun. Taking a break and then starting back by cleaning my supplies definitely helped me so much because I was able to look at everything with fresh eyes and see what I had that I liked and didn’t like.


    1. Yes! Definitely worth limiting yourself sometimes. I find that even with my drawings. I don’t have that many, maybe only 40 or so, copic markers but sometimes I just don’t know what colours to use. At times like that, trying the 3 marker challenge can be quite fun because you just pick three random colours and are forced to just use those colours. The limited choice can be challenging but also really fun!

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