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Reblog: Birthday Presents and Feel Better Gifts

Reblog time – something from close to two years ago!

Puddleside Musings

     Last month it was my mom’s birthday so you know what that meant – time to make a birthday card! It was also a great excuse to have fun with other crafts too and I’m always up for that, especially if it means bunting. I love the idea of bunting but just haven’t had the reason to use it until now. There was some really nice bunting in the Flow Book for Paper Lovers that I wanted to use, so my mom’s birthday was as good a time as any!

     When she went up to bed, I got to work hanging the bunting up in a place she would see it straight away when she came down in the morning.

Photo - Birthday Bunting (1)

Photo - Birthday Bunting (4)     Isn’t that chalkboard lettering nice? I went with ‘Today is a great day for fun’ because that was the longest message I could get…

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