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June 2018 – Outgoing Mail

     Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

     June’s outgoing mail post is going to be a light one – I only sent out two pieces of mail over the course of the entire month! I thought things were going well for me in May with how much mail I got caught up on but I celebrated too soon about that empty mail pile because now things are quickly getting out of hand once again!

     Well, instead of panicking over my overflowing to-reply-to pile, let’s take a relaxing, distracting look at the mail I did actually get sent out last month. First up is this little package that I sent off to the states:

     I had fun decorating the envelope with some really cute sloth washi tape that I got last month. I didn’t need sloth washi tape but I wanted it and this envelope called out to be covered in it! Unfortunately, I didn’t have sloth stamps to go with it (I mean why would I, I’m mailing from Ireland) so some Alfred Beatty collection stamps had to do instead.

     Inside the package were this Tolkien journal and a card I made which I’ll show you more of in an upcoming post.

     The second piece of mail that I sent out in June was this very much themed letter which had New Zealand as its destination. All of the papers, tags and stickers came from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers so hence the matching of them.

     And that’s June done for mail! Oh so little of it. I hope I get more sent out this month. Oh yeah, before I go, here are the stamp close-ups – which is your favourite?



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