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November Weekly I

     Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

     We’re finally on to my November weekly spreads now so let’s jump into them. For the first weekly spread of November, I actually included the last few days of October in it because I like to see the full week at once. I based this layout on my go-to weekly spread of having a weekly section for planning out the weeks events and then having a big blank section for the daily lists as they come. Here, I opted to put the weekly section at the top of the page and the blank section below but it was looking somewhat plain so I drew a box and coloured outside it in my colour for the month which really helped make the spread less boring to look at, even though it’s just a chunk of brown.

     For my next spread…well, first I made a list called ‘Get my shit together – snail mail edition’ where I was listing out in some more detail some of the packages I was/needed to get around to sending and what I was planning on sending because I kept forgetting.

     That left me with a page on the right so I went for a one page weekly spread made up of my favourite things – boxes! Lots of boxes…not a great spread but eh, they can’t all be!


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