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C2C Cushion Cover – First Attempt

     Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well!

     To any fellow crocheters reading this, do you every participate in crochetalongs (or CALs)? Actually, that goes for knitters too and KALs, or any maker and a MAL. I participated in my first CAL this year and it was a C2C CAL being run by Zeens and Roger. I have to say, it was fun being able to see so many people making things along the same theme of corner to corner crochet especially because it finally got me to give C2C crochet a try. I got a book last Christmas on C2C with the intention of learning this year but I just kept putting it off and I imagine without the CAL to push me into gear, I probably wouldn’t have given it a go this year but give C2C a go I did and I’m really happy with the result!

     It was my first time doing C2C so I kept my make simple – I opted for a cushion cover that would match my parents bedroom decor (when they eventually get around to re-doing their room). I recognise that I could have replicated this pattern in a single square and not have had to join the squares together but I wasn’t confident enough with my C2C and colour changes and following a chart for that so I went down the route of making four simple striped C2C squares, all the same, and joined them to make a bigger square. Seeing as I was joining them, I decided to make a feature of the join so I crocheted the squares together and then slip stitched along both sides to make a nice chunky ridge. I like how it came out. What do you think?

     For the back, I held two strands of aran weight yarn together and crocheted two panels that I sowed on to make an envelope closure (although as you can see here, I ran out of yarn and took my pictures before I eventually got back to the shops to get more).

     I did eventually finished my cushion cover and I was glad I was making a cushion cover and could hide the messy ends on the back side of the fabric because damn, even with just two colours and simple stripes there were so many yarn ends!

     I’d like to do C2C makes again but if anyone has any tips for dealing with the mess of yarn ends and colour changes, I’d be more than happy to hear them!


9 thoughts on “C2C Cushion Cover – First Attempt

    1. I think they’re good if there’s a specific kind of make you want to do but keep putting it off. It probably would have taken me much longer to get around to trying out a c2c make if I didn’t have the motivation of a cal!

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