Snail Mail

December 2018 – Incoming Mail

     Hey everyone, Happy New Year (again but this time actually in the new year)! Hope you’re all doing well.

     It’s the first Wednesday of the month so that typically means I look back at my incoming snail mail from the previous month but I’m not gonna lie, with the previous month being December, even though I got some great mail, I forgot to photograph it and track it! It seems to happen every December.

     I did remember to photograph a few things so I do have something to show you at least!

     I got an absolutely lovely Christmas flip book from Emma in the UK full of lovely goodies and overall loveliness…have I said that word enough?

     I also got a very fun amalgamation of Christmas cards from Dani in New Zealand:

     And it turns out that that’s all for photos of my Christmas mail! I thought I had a picture of the Christmas card Stephanie sent me from Australia but for some reason I only have a picture of the stamp…which seams to have suffered a bit from some overzealous postmarking!


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