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Amigurumi Time – Black Lab

     Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well! A while back I mentioned possibly missing a few blog posts because I was super busy making stuff but couldn’t show what I was making as everything was for Christmas presents. Well, now that the new year is here I can finally start posting everything I made! Seriously, you’re probably going to be sick of seeing my amigurumi by the time I’m done – I plan on posting one a week until I’m done and that will take me to the end of February!

     Basically, I made everyone in my family a teddy for Christmas and the first one I’m going to show you is the first one I made which was a black labrador for my dad:

     Before making this I had recently gotten the TOFT Dogs crochet book and knew straight away that at some point I’d be making a black lab in honour of our family dog Victor who died a few years ago:

     Because it’s such a simple pattern, I wanted to make sure I got the black right so I did treat myself to some of the  recommended TOFT yarn when I was at their stand at the craft fair in November and just for some extra detail, I found some red yarn in my stash to make the red collar (any self respecting black lab should have a red collar, shouldn’t it?).

     He’s a little over stuffed but really, that’s just fitting because Victor himself wasn’t exactly a slim boy!


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