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Amigurumi Time – Pigs and Sheep

     It’s amigurumi time again!

     As if I didn’t have enough of my own things to make for Christmas, my aunt asked me if I could make two teddies that she could give to her two youngest grandchildren (they’re both around two years old). Of course I said yes (what’s two more teddies to make when you’re already making seven!). So, two toddlers, what to make? Well, one of the teddies had to be a pig (as I was told there was a George from Peppa Pig obsession) and as for the other, originally I was going to make a chimp but the family in question are farmers so why not a farm animal? I settled on a sheep.

     In between everything else I was making, the TOFT pig pattern was actually a pleasure to make because it’s so simple. It only took me a few hours. The hardest part really was finding the right shade of pink to use!

     The base of the sheep was also nice and easy to make as well because it’s the basic TOFT body and leg shape. That also only took me a few hours one evening to make. It was the sheep’s fleece that was a nightmare!

     I probably had about an hour and a half solid of just making chain 8 loops all over the body to make the fleece but it felt like so much longer! Kinda made me regret making a sheep but I have to admit, the end result is lovely. It looks and feels great.

     So yeah, two more Christmas amigurumi down…some large number still to go!


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