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Amigurumi Time – Owl

     It’s amigurumi time again!

     This time we have Barney the Owl from the Edward’s Menagerie Bird Book. I made this one for my older sister who seems to quite like owls and has a large number of owl decorations in her apartment.

     Barney the Owl was definitely a lot easier to make than Robin the Robin because the colour changes were easier – it was just change once and cut the old colour rather than carrying the yarn – but Barney wasn’t without his issues. First off…I made the wrong leg/foot shape which I also made in the wrong colour. Yeah, that was a pain! There’s so many different wing and feet styles for the birds that you really have to pay attention to what you’re doing! All the leg, feet and general body shapes are listed at the start of the book and the specific patterns, rather than just repeat the information, refer back to the start of the book so under wing might say ‘crochet basic soaring wing’ and you’ll have to find the pattern at the start of the book – unless there are colour changes and they’ll be written under the owl pattern…if any of that makes sense. Anyway, I read the owl pattern, read what foot type it needed, flipped to the start of the book and clearly forgot which one I needed to make instantly and crocheted the foot pattern that was written above the one I needed!

     Well, at least both mistakes I made were on the same piece…and my cat got a new toy in the form of a crocheted bird leg…

     No wait, there was another mistake – the first wing I crocheted was the correct wing shape and the second one was wrong so I had to make another!

     Nothing really went to plan with this owl really.

     I still think the feet look a little odd but I really struggle with the bird feet because they’re so narrow and tight to crochet and there’s so much rejoining yarn and things to sew in – they’re definitely not as easy and relaxing to make as the basic animal leg shape.


6 thoughts on “Amigurumi Time – Owl

    1. Thanks! I’ll admit though that these birds are tricky to crochet, tricky to crochet and draw (which I’ve been trying to do too), as much as I love looking at the birds I don’t think I’ll make them my go to make 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I feel like everything I make is from the same brand and that I should try some other patterns but I just love the Edward’s Menagerie stuff so much I can’t help it 😀


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