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January 2019 – Incoming Mail

     Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

     I feel like my mail posts have been a bit all over the place over the past few months. Some have been great months for mail and others…well others have included no mail at all. I really want that to change for 2019 because I really want my mail to be more consistent this year. Hopefully January is a sign of the year to come because January was a great month for both incoming and outgoing mail.

     Something I love about the start of January is Christmas mail. I know that sounds strange but I do enjoy getting some Christmas mail late! Things can be pretty hectic in the run up to Christmas and when mail arrives you don’t always have the time to enjoy it but when it arrives in January can fully enjoy it. Well, that’s what I think anyway.

     I had taken the time when writing my Christmas cards to also reply to some of the pen pal letters that had been in my reply-pile for way too and January some responses to those letters. I especially love Keely’s dinosaur protected letter and fully intend to not have these waiting in my reply-pile for as long as their predecessors were!

     Back to Christmas packages though, I got several surprise happy mail packages in January that really put a smile on my face. Sarah from Canada sent me some chocolates (that tasted great and may not have lasted long!) along with some fluffy sloth socks and Frances in America sent me this adorable little sloth figure which now has a home on my sloth shelf (a shelf every home should have!). I also got a package from my friend who’s currently in Japan – I’ve shown the packages she sends on my blog before so you might recognise that style of ‘so much stuff in a box you’re not sure how it all fits in’. I decided not to try photograph everything she sent because it really is an impossible task!

     And finally, the last piece of mail that arrived in my letter box in January was something that looks very familiar…it’s one of my own Christmas cards that failed to deliver. Hopefully this was the only card that failed to arrive. I’ll send it out again soon and hopefully it’ll arrive this time (better late than never).

     Oh yes and finally, the stamps. Sorry to all the other countries stamps but any time my friend Juliya sends me mail from Japan she does win the stamp contest because look at all those stamps that she used on her packages!


7 thoughts on “January 2019 – Incoming Mail

  1. I love to see all of your mail posts and the beautiful stamps from different countries. I need to do a better job with my correspondence this year as well. I find it difficult to make time for writing thoughtful letters when I am trying to make deadlines for shows and write for my blog.
    I think most of your pen pals would understand, though, Emma. You always send the most pretty and thoughtful correspondence.

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    1. It can be hard to find the time for writing thoughtful letters because it’s not just about time, you also need the motivation Sometimes you have the time but really all you want to do is do nothing!


  2. I agree – it’s often too busy in December to enjoy the mail – late arrivals are appreciated and then they get displayed all on their own too – I can’t just open them and not put cards up!

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