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Amigurumi Time – Jack Russell

     Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

     Is anyone keeping track of how many amigurumi posts I’ve had this year already? I’ve already lost count. In the past, Friday posts were always craft related, craft related as in any craft – could be crochet, could be knitting, could be paper crafts – but I think in 2019 the Friday post will just be dedicated to amigurumi. Sorry to anyone who came to my blog for other crafts and isn’t too interested in amigurumi but that’s just how things are with my craft interests these days!

     Anyway, I’ll stop rambling and actually show you the crochet for this week – it’s a jack russell I made for my friend:

     This is the second jack russell I’ve made. I’m not sure if I ever posted the first one on my blog…I don’t think I did, but I made it maybe a year ago for some neighbours when they had to put their jack russell down. Thankfully I had some yarn left from that for making this jack russel. I can’t even remember what yarn it is but it’s the perfect cream shade for making animals (I don’t like using stark white if I can avoid it and some creams like the Stylecraft cream are too yellow – is anyone else as picky about creams as I am? Seriously, I need to find some good off white/cream yarns for my amigurumi).

     There’s actually too different TOFT jack russel patterns – well, they’re mostly the same but the ears are a bit more pointed in the pattern in the Edwards Menagerie one where as the Dogs book has more rounded ears and the face in the Dogs patterns has more white around the nose. The jack russell in this post is from the Dogs books.


10 thoughts on “Amigurumi Time – Jack Russell

    1. Thanks ^-^ Definitely don’t hesitate in learning how to crochet, it’s such a great hobby to have and when you start doing amigurumi, you’ll never be stuck for things to make people because who doesn’t love a cute teddy as a gift!


    1. Thanks! And good luck with teaching yourself to crochet!
      A lot of the crochet I do is things from the TOFT Edwards Menagerie books which I think are great for starting with because the end results are really cute but also, they’re all based off of the same body and leg shapes so are really easy to get your head around 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I love amigurumi but I recognise it isn’t for everyone (we all have our crochet corners – I try to say clear of garment crochet for example because damn those measurements! xD)


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