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Amigurumi Time – Bichon Frise

     Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well. Got another amigurumi project from Christmas for you (see, still on them, just goes to show how many I made!).

     This time we have Myra the Bichon Frise who I made for my neighbours (as they have a Bichon Frise).

     I’ll say it straight – I did not enjoy making this teddy! Originally, this was meant to be twice as big as I was going to crochet with two strands of chunky yarn at a time. The pattern has loop stitch on the legs and head and a plain body but I decided to do loops stitches on the body as well…which I regretted half way through so I stopped and took a long break. When I can back to it, I decided to restart on the head and was making that fine…up until the point where I’d finished and it started coming apart because I’d done the loop stitch wrong! I couldn’t fave starting all over again at the same size so I switched to just using one strand of chunky yarn at a time and opted for sticking with the pattern this time and not doing loop stitches on the body and eventually, eventually, I finished just two days before Christmas.

     The end result is very cute and the teddy was much appreciated but yeah, this one was a struggle. I’m glad I persevered but I’m also glad it was the last one I made because I wasn’t able to face any more amigurumi after this for a while!


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