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February Weekly Bujo Pages

     Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well today.

     Today’s post is about my February weekly bullet journal spreads. Now, my weekly spreads this month aren’t the most visually interesting – by that I mean I didn’t do any ‘pretty’ spreads this month and focused a lot more on just quick to draw up, simple layouts meant for lists.

     Here’s my first weekly spread:

     As you can see, I actually have more than a week here – February started on a Friday so I decided to include Friday, Saturday and Sunday on this spread rather than in my spread for the last week of January. I made my weekly boxes for plans on the left hand page and that meant I had a whole page for my daily lists as they came up.

     For my second weekly spread (last week), I went for a bit more structure with the planning/event box along the top and my daily lists down below, with some other random general to-do boxes at the bottom.

     This weeks spread is similar in structure to last weeks but I only used a light grey marker to draw and colour in the boxes so it’s quite strange to see when compared to all the dark blues and greys I’ve used in previous spreads!

     And finally we have next week, the last week in February which is only four days so I made a very basic layout with four boxes and I’ll have the weekend in the March pages.

     So those are my February pages – grey once again but fear not, I have plans for March to have a lot more colour than has appeared in my planner so far (not that that’s too difficult to surpass considering grey has been my main planner colour!).


2 thoughts on “February Weekly Bujo Pages

    1. Thanks ^-^ Sometimes I worry about not having pretty spreads seeing as my planner is one of the main topics on my blog and people like seeing pretty spreads but then again, this planner is also my actual planner so I need it to work for me and that doesn’t always work for a pretty spread. It can be hard to find a balance.

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